Create Tumblr Account

Create Tumblr Account. Tumblr is a unique online experience, mixing social networking and blogging in a single website. With it’s east-to-use platform and huge variety of posts that can be made, anyone can use and enjoy Tumblr!

If you are a social in charge of social media for an artist and you need to create a Tumblr.

Create Tumblr Account using an email address is a requirement because of its unique security feature; so create your Gmail account here now

Sign up Tumblr Account

  1. Visit Tumblr’s homepage.
Create Tumblr Account
  • Enter your email address: Use a legitimate email address.
  • Choose a password: Enter a strong password that you can remember easily. It must consist numbers and symbols and must be at least 10 digits.
  • Blog Name: Choose a blog name
  • Click Sign up: By clicking sign up you agree to Tumblr’s Terms of Service
Create Tumblr Account date of birth

2. Choose what interests you and click “Next” top right corner

Create Tumblr account

3. Go to your email and click “verify


Tumblr account created

How to Make a Tumblr Post

Now it’s time for the good stuff. Strap yourself in, you’re going to make your first post on Tumblr.

To begin, navigate back to the dashboard. At the top there’s a pane that lists all the different content types: text, photo, quote, link, chat, audio, and video. Click the one you want.

Whichever you choose, you’ll be given contextualized fields. For example, select video and you can either upload your own or link one from somewhere like YouTube. Or click quote and you can enter the fabled words and attribute a source.

A the bottom of every post you can add tags. Start typing in this area and it’ll offer up those commonly used. These help people find your post and therefore may increase your blog followers, so think about what people might be searching for if that matters to you.

When ready, click post. It’ll go live immediately and you’ll see it appear on the dashboard. If you made an error, click the cog icon and click either edit or delete.


Create Blog With Tumblr

Create Blog With Tumblr. Why not create Blog with Tumblr? A blog is a website that allows users to reflect, share opinions and discuss various topics in the form of an online journal while readers may comment on posts.

Create Tumblr blog account

This a simple and quick way to start a blog. If you’re after an easy and fast way to start a blog, you can’t go wrong with Tumblr. It’s a breeze to post all sorts of content for the world to see and it’s entirely free.

Nevertheless, using an email to Create blog account is necessary because of the unique security it affords your Tumblr account; so create a Gmail account here.

We’re going to help you through the easy steps to create a blog with Tumblr and give you some tips to help you on the way to blogging stardom.

What is Tumblr?

Tumblr takes its name from tumblelog: a stream of conscious type of blog that focuses on short posts, often created from media like audio, images, and quotes. The site had 79000 users within two weeks.

The tumblelog term has all but banished now. However, Tumblr brands itself as a blog service boasts over 465 million blogs and half a billion monthly visitors.

Users can create their own blogs to share whatever they want with the world. They can also follow people and view those posts in a feed. Chances are you’ve viewed a Tumblr blog before realizing it. Even Taylor Swift has one!

How to Create a Tumblr Account

One of the most beautiful things about Tumblr is that anyone can sign up and create a blog. A Tumblr sign up is easy and you don’t need any technical knowledge and you can be up and running within minutes. Want proof? Let’s make one now!

First, Go to Tumblr Homepage. Click get started and enter an email, password, and username. Your username informs the URL of your blog (, but don’t worry, you can change your username (and URL) later if needs be. Click sign up.

Next, give your age – you need to be 16 or above if in an EU country, if not then 13 or above–and agree to the terms of Service. Click Next. You might also have to prove you’re not a robot.
Then click Almost Done!

Now, choose five or more topics that you’re interested in. Some of them will expand out of further refinement. For example, gaming splits into Nintendo, Xbox, PS4, and PC. You can select all of these if you want. Don’t worry too much about this stage. When done, click Next.

You’ll be taken to your Tumblr dashboard. You can return to this page at any time by clicking the Tumblr icon in the top-left. at the top of the dashboard page, you can search Tumblr and access areas like your inbox and settings. Feel free to explore.

More so, you’ll see that your feed has been prepopulated with posts, based upon your interests. Click follow next to someone’s username if you want to add that blog to your feed permanently. Alternatively, search a specific person and click the follow button on their blog.

Tumblr will occasionally pop up with helpful hints on this dashboard page to orient you, so look out for them.

How to Customize Your Tumblr Blog

Before you make your first post, it’s important that your Tumblr blog is more personal and reflects your style. It’s customization time!

Click the account icon on the top right (it’s a person’s silhouette) and click Edit appearance. Note that here you can click the pencil icon to change your username. For now, click edit theme.

Beneath appearance option, you’ll find all sorts of things to customize. Give your blog a title, choose an avatar, adjust the background color, and more. Remember to click Save once you’re happy with your changes.

If you want to go the extra mile, you can change the theme entirely. Click browse theme and you can browse all sorts of different layouts which you can click to preview instantly. Note that some of these come attached with a price tag-you can avoid that by clicking the all them dropdown and selecting free theme. When you find a theme you like, select it and click use.

How to Make a Tumblr Post

Now it’s time for the good stuff. Strap yourself in, you’re going to make your first post on Tumblr.

To begin, navigate back to the dashboard. At the top there’s a pane that lists all the different content types: text, photo, quote, link, chat, audio, and video. Click the one you want.

Whichever you choose, you’ll be given contextualized fields. For example, select video and you can either upload your own or link one from somewhere like YouTube. Or click quote and you can enter the fabled words and attribute a source.

A the bottom of every post you can add tags. Start typing in this area and it’ll offer up those commonly used. These help people find your post and therefore may increase your blog followers, so think about what people might be searching for if that matters to you.

When ready, click post. It’ll go live immediately and you’ll see it appear on the dashboard. If you made an error, click the cog icon and click either edit or delete.

How to Reblog, Like, and Comment on Tumblr

A popular feature of Tumblr is reblogging. If you’re familiar with retweets on Twitter, this works in the same way. You can Reblog someone’s post to put it on your own blog to highlight it to your own followers.

To do this, navigate to the post and click the Reblog icon (it’s two opposing arrows.) You can add your own content to appear alongside the original posts and some tags. When ready, click Reblog.

If you want to comment on the post itself, rather than blogging it, simply click the comment icon (It’s a speech bubble), say your thing, and click reply.

Alternatively, if you have nothing to say, bust still want to show your appreciation, click the like icon (it’s a heart.) That user will get a notification that you liked their post.

Delete Blog with Tumblr

We provide you step-by-step on how to delete a blog from your account on the Tumblr website. You can’t use the mobile app to delete a blog, now can you delete a blog which does not belong to you. Keep in mind that to remove your primary blog, you will have to delete your Tumblr account.

Deleting a Secondary Blog

  1. Visit in your computer’s web browser. Doing so will open your Tumblr dashboard if you’re logged into Tumblr.
  • If you’re not logged in automatically, click Log In, enter your email, click Log In, enter your email, click Next, then enter your password and click Log In.
  • When you log into Tumblr, you automatically log into your primary blog, which is the one you set up when you created your Tumblr account. Your main blog cannot be deleted without deleting your Tumblr account; however, you can delete any additional Tumblr blogs that are associated with your account using this method.

2. Click the “Account” icon. It’s the icon that resembles the shape of a person on the upper-right side of the page. Doing so prompts a drop-down menu.

3. Click ‘Settings’. It’s next to a gear icon in the ‘Account’ section of the drop-down menu.

4. Select a blog. In the “Blogs” section near the bottom-right corner of the page, click the name of the secondary blog you want to delete. This will cause the blog’s Settings page to open.

  • If you want to delete your primary blog, you’ll have to delete your whole account see this method to learn how.

5. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page. This is where you’ll find the option to delete your blog.

6. Click “Delete(blog name). It’s a grey button at the bottom of the page. You’ll see your blog’s name instead of “blog name” in the button

  • For example, to delete a blog called “orcasandoreos”, you would click Delete orcasandoreos at the bottom of the page.

7. Enter your email and password. When prompted, type the email address and the password you use to log into Tumblr into the “Email” and “Password” text fields. respectively.

8. Click “Delete (blog name)”. It’s a red button below the “Password” text box. Doing so will delete the selected Tumblr blog and remove it from your account.

Delete Your Account
  1. Go to in your computer’s web browser. Doing so will open your Tumblr dashboard if you’re logged into Tumblr.
  • If you’re not logged in automatically, click Log In, enter your email, click Next, then enter your password and click Log In.

2. Click the “Account” icon. It’s a person-shaped silhouette in the upper-right side of the Tumblr page. Doing so prompts a drop-down menu.

3. Tap ‘Settings’. It’s next to a gear icon in the “Account” section of the drop-down menu.

4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. This is the section of the Settings page in which you’ll find the option to delete your account.

5. Click “Delete account”. It’s at the very bottom of the page.

  • If you see ‘Delete (blog name) here, you’re viewing the settings page for a secondary blog. Click your primary blog’s name on the right side of the page, scroll down, and click ‘Delete account’ before proceedings.

6. Enter your email and password. When prompted, type the email address and the password associated with your Tumblr account.

7. Click “Delete everything”. It’s a red button below the “Password” text box. Doing so immediately deletes your Tumblr account and any associated blogs.

  • Warning: deleting your Tumblr account is permanent. Once your account is deleted, it cannot be recovered.

Create Skype Account

Why not Create Skype Account now? Skype is a social media network that enables you chat and get connected with family and friends. It equally a platform where you can host and join a meeting or interview.

We’ll assist you to create a Skype account both on desktop and in the Skype mobile app. If you already have a Microsoft account, you can use that to log into Skype instead.

Email address is a requirement for creating a secured Skype account because of it’s unique security features. Click here to Create a Gmail account now.

Sign up your skype Account

  1. Open Skype’s website. Go to This will take you to the Skype home page.
Create Skype account page

Click Download Skype and when you are down, go to your download extension and open the app and enter your details.

  1. Enter your first and last name: Do so in the “First name” and Last name” text fields, respectively.
  2. Select a country or region: Click the “Country/region” box, then click your current country or region.
  • Skype will usually detect this from your browser’s location information

3. Add your birthdate: Select the month, day, and year in which you were born from the Month, Day, and Year drop-down boxes.

4. Verify your Account: Enter the code that Skype sent to your phone number or email address into the text field in the middle of the page. To retrieve this code:

  • Text: Open your phone’s Messages app, open the text from Skype, and note the four-digit code in the message.
  • Email: Open your email inbox, open the email from “Microsoft account team”, and note the bold, four-digit code in the email.
  • Click Next: Doing so will submit your code and create your Skype account. You can now use your account to log into Skype on Computers, smartphones, and tablets.
  • If Skype prompts you to enter another code that’s displayed on-screen, do so and then click Next to finish creating your account.

Skype Sign in

  1. Go to the Skype app on your device and fill the form below.
  • Enter Skype, Phone number or Email address
  • Click Next
Create Skype account login page

2. Enter your Password in the column provided.

  • Then Click “Sign in”
Create Skype account password login page

Create Skype Account with Gmail on Microsoft

  1. Visit the Official Microsoft site
  • Choose create account with email
  • Enter the email address you want to use
  • Click “Next”
Create Skype account using Microsoft

2. Create a strong password you would like to use with your account and it should be at least 10 digits.

  • Tips: passwords must consist of letters, upper and lower case, symbols and numbers.
  • Click Next
Create Skype account Microsoft password

3. You need a little more info to set up your account:
Enter your First name and Last name

Create Skype account on Microsoft

4. Very your Email

Skype email verification page

5. Please solve the puzzle so Skype would know you are not a robot.

Verify you not a robot

6. congratulations!!! your account is set.

you can not gradually add your profile pictures and a lot of other setting to beautify your account.

Create Skype account complete

Delete Skype Account Permanently

Feeling like you can’t delete your Skype account? It’s because Microsoft has made it incredibly difficult to do so. But the good news is that it’s not impossible. When Microsoft acquired Skype, it became an integral part of Microsoft accounts. This means that in order to close your Skype account, you have to delete your entire Microsoft account.

When you complete the process, Microsoft will initiate a 60-day grace period. During this period you can still recover your account by signing in and it will still be discoverable in search directory. After that, they will delete your Skype account permanently.

How to delete Skype account on desktop (Window or Mac)

To permanently get rid of your Skype account, follow these steps:

  1. launch the Skype app on your Desktop
  2. Click your Skype name, in th top left corner, and choose Settings from the drop-down menu.
  3. On the right-side panel, scroll down and click Close your account
  4. Re-enter your password to verify your account
  5. Note: You will be closing your entire Microsoft account, so there may be a few other accounts you might want to take care of before moving on. Once you’re sure you want to continue, click Next
  6. Review each item on the checklist, select the reason for deletion, (or select My reason isn’t listed) and click on Mark account for closure.

Now wait 60 days and your Skype account will be deleted permanently along with the rest of your Microsoft account.

How to delete Skype account on mobile (Android or iOS)

Unfortunately, the account deletion process on Skype’s mobile application doesn’t see, to work currently. We advise you to delete your account on the desktop version or go straight to your Microsoft account.

How to delete Skype and keep your Microsoft account

If you don’t use any other Microsoft services, deleting your Microsoft account will probably be an easy choice. However, if you use other Microsoft services or products like Xbox Live or Outlook but want to stop using Skype, you may not want to delete your account completely. But how do you delete Skype if you can’t delete your Microsoft account? Unfortunately, the only way is to minimize your personal information and then delete the app from all your devices. Microsoft won’t let you unlink your account.

How to delete Skype messages

If you don’t use Skype anymore, it can be a good idea to clear your conversations of any sensitive or private information. Old and unused apps can become vulnerable to break-ins if your old passwords are discovered or if the apps’ creators stop updating them. Here’s how to delete Skype messages:

On desktop:
  1. Enter the conversation with the Skype message you want to delete by clicking on it.
  2. Find the message you’d like to delete and click on the three small dots that appear next to it when your mouse hovers over it. When you do, you’ll see a dropdown menu. Click on Remove and you’re done.
On Mobile
  1. Go to the Chats tab and tap on the conversation that contains the message you’d like to delete.
  2. Find the message you’d like to delete from your conversation and hold your finger down on it. After a few moments, menu will pop up. Hit Remove and the message is gone.
How to delete Skype Conversations

Deleting an entire Skype conversation history is a surefire way to delete private or sensitive information. However, don’t forget one thing-the Skype user you’ve been talking to will retain a record of their messages (unless they agree to delete them too). Keep that in mind if you ever need both sides of a Skype conversation to disappear.

On desktop

This one’s easy. Once you’ve found the conversation you’d like to delete, right click on it and you’ll see a drop-down menu. Click on delete conversation to wipe out the chat.

On mobile
  1. Find the conversation you’d like to delete in the Chats tab. Hold your finger down on it and you’ll get a pop-up menu.
  2. Select Delete conversation on the pop-up menu and the conversation is gone.
How to delete Skype from your Smartphone

If you want to remove the application from your device, follow these steps. Whether you’re using Android or iOS, the process should be roughly thesame.

  1. Open settings.
  2. Go to apps
  3. Either search for or scroll to the Skype app
  4. Uninstall the Skype app.

Remember, this won’t delete your account or data. These steps simply remove the app from your smartphone.

How to cancel your subscription

If you’re serious about leaving Skype and you have a paid Skype subscription, you should cancel that, too. Otherwise, it could continue billing you even if you don’t use it. Follow these steps to cancel your subscription:

  1. Go to your Microsoft Services & subscriptions page and sign in to your account
  2. Find skype subscription and select Payment & billing. Then clcik Cancel
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to proceed with cancellation. Once your subscription is cancelled you will also receive a confirmation email.
Does Skype delete inactive accounts?

Skype no longer deletes inactive accounts as they’ve been merged with Microsoft accounts. Deleting them would have a direct effect on other Microsoft services. However skype has previously deleted inactive accounts that haven’t been merged with a Microsoft account. Wondering if your account was deleted?

  1. If the last time you signed in was before June 2014, it was deleted after 1 year of inactivity;
  2. If the last time you signed in was in between June 2014-August 2015, it was deleted after 2 years of inactivity;
  3. If the last time you signed in was after August 2015, it was deleted after 5 years of inactivity.
How do you know if a Skype account is deleted?

After you’ve deleted your Skype account, you’ll have the 60-days cooling-off period during which you can change your mind. Once that’s over, however, you won’t be able to log into your account as it will now be permanently disabled.

This also means that you’ll no longer appear in the search results and your contacts won’t be able to find your profile. All your chat history and any files you shared will be gone forever.

I closed my Microsoft account, but my profile is still visible in the Skype search directory, how do I remove it?

When you close your Microsoft account, we wait 60 days before permanently deleting it. During this waiting period, your account is marked from closure, but still exists. You can control whether your skype profile is visible in the search directory results or suggestions. learn more about how to opt out of Skype search directory results or suggestions in your mobile or desktop privacy settings.

I closed my Microsoft account but changed my mind, can I reopen it?

Sign in to your Microsoft account within 60 days of closing it. We’ll cancel the closure, and everything will be just as you left it. If it’s been longer than 60 days, we can’t retrieve an account that has been deleted.

Can I reopen my Microsoft account after the 60-days waiting period?

If it’s been longer than 60 days, we can’t retrieve an account that has been deleted.

Create Skype Account. Create Skype Account.


Create WeChat Account

Create WeChat Account. WeChat is a mobile text and voice messaging communication service developed by Tencent in China, first released in January 2011. It has over 300,000,000 active users around the world.

There are lots of people who are daily searching the internet about how to Create a WeChat account easily.

WeChat is getting smarter, popular and becoming more secure each day. Today, people use WeChat beyond texting and typing messages.

However, they do it to send voice messages, make online calls and make digital payments with their WeChat. I know for sure that you really want to know how to create a WeChat account.

You can click here to Create your Email account now

Nevertheless, follow the steps below and lets Create WeChat Account for you.

Register WeChat on PC

Creating WeChat Account is easy and only takes a few minutes. You need to have a phone number that can receive calls or text messages to create a WeChat account.

WeChat no longer accepts registration via an email address, QQ number, or Facebook account. Once you register, you can immediately use the WeChat service to stay connected to your friends and family.

The very first and most important thing you need to do when you want to create a WeChat account is to make sure that you download the latest version of the WeChat app into your device.

However, ensure that you have a stable connection to the internet, preferably in the 3G, $G, or Wi-Fi.

After downloading and installing WeChat, open the app and select sign up. It is located in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Now you have to fill in all the required fields.

  1. Type your preferred name in the name field. The name you choose here is how contacts will see you on WeChat.
  2. Select the country from the drop-down list.
  3. Enter your correct phone number. Make sure that the phone number you are entering is correct because this is the most important stage of registration.
  4. Type a strong password that consists of alphabets, numbers and symbols.

Once you have completed the required fields, tap on Sign Up.

Tap Start

Drag to complete the jigsaw.

Now, wait for an SMS to be delivered to your phone. The SMS will contain a verification code, which you can enter on the verification screen.
If you did not receive your SMS verification message within 60 seconds, you can choose to Resend Verification code or verify via Phone call.

The verification code ensures that you are the real owner of the phone number you have registered and prevents others from obtaining your access code and placing calls with your caller ID.

The verification code is unique and changes each time you verify a new phone number or device.

Enter the verification code sent by SMS to your phone number and tap Next.

WeChat without Phone Number

  1. Open the WeChat registration page.
  2. Once your number verify you can add contacts to the address book. You can also skip this step.
  3. Now click on the link QQ to find more friends and enter the QQ number & password.
  4. Once you finish the signup process go to settings.
  5. Select the Phone icon and simply click on the “…” option.
  6. Click on the unlink option to remove the number from your account.

How to Register A WeChat Official Account.

Create WeChat Account

The WeChat Official Account Platform is a coorperation & promotion service launched for famous persons, government, media, and enterprises.

The company can use WeChat Official Accounts to promote its brands to billions of WeChat users through this WeChat channel, thus reducing propagation cost, raising brand popularity, and building up more influential brand images.

Chinese consumers prefer to interact with their favourite brands on the WeChat official account. This market is becoming a must-have online space for many companies in the world.

Here is an overview for beginners to the WeChat platform on how to open an official WeChat account. This is one of the most frequent discussions we have with our partners. As a non-Chinese entity, it can be more difficult but here we will explore your options.

Register an Official WeChat Account for an Overseas Company:

Create WeChat Account
  1. Creation depending on the country, brand and awareness, and industry.
  2. Registration between 1-2 months.
  3. Provide a list of documents.
  4. Have a business license.
  5. Have certificates.
  6. Pay the account, pricing starts at $500
  7. Creation of a menu

WeChat recently hit a record level of 1.2 billion monthly active users on the platform. The barriers to entry into WeChat are actually an advantage for savvy businesses that seize the chance to market themselves on China’s largest and most active social network.

There is a clear division between how Chinese and non-Chinese operations are dealt with. For instance, if you have a CBL (Chinese business license) you can simply apply under your business name with a Chinese representative.

Furthermore, if you are not a registered business in China there are series of operations that can be taken depending on budget, time frame, and business concept.

WeChat’s penetration of Chinese Netizens reaches 98% in China’s Top Tier cities.

Registering for a WeChat Official Account as a Chinese Organization:

Use the following requirements from Chinese

  1. A Chinese ID
  2. A Chinese phone number
  3. Business license
  4. Chinese organization code.

The registration process is entirely in Chinese. Head to the WeChat public platform website for a step-by-step application. If you are not familiar with the process, you should request help from a local agency.

From here the procedure is simple for Chinese registered businesses. Ensure you have a Chinese representative to manage the setup as their id photo and number are required.

You will then have to wait for verification and select whether you want to open a service or subscription account. Typically, opening a service account is the preferable option for most businesses.

Delete WeChat Account

WeChat a messaging app developed and used primarily in China. WeChat has over 1.1 billion registered users, with 570 million people using the app daily to communicate with others. Despite its massive appeal, WeChat has been criticized for its lack of privacy protection. As recently as November 2016, WeChat was mentioned with other big app companies for not having end-to-end encryption.
This is particularly concerning for WeChat users because many people use the app to send P2P payments across the globe. This weakens may be alarming to some users, as the sensitive information shared over WeChat is not being protected as it should be. We’re sharing how to easily delete your WeChat account to help protect your privacy and keep your information secuure.

However, once deleted, your WeChat account will no longer exist and people cannot search for you on WeChat or access your profile any longer. To delete your WeChat account, follow the below process:

  1. Log into WeChat.
  2. Select Me and then tap Settings
  3. Scroll to Account
  4. Select Delete Account and then tap Next.
  5. Follow WeChat’s instructions and enter your password to delete your account

That’s it. Your WeChat account has been permanently deleted.

Tips to Protect Your Privacy

In addition to deleting your WeChat account, you can take the following pro-active measures to protect your privacy online. The first step is awareness, and you should be aeare of the following:

  1. Information you post to social media is publicly visible, so think before you post.
  2. Even if you manage your privacy settings, there still may be privacy concerns “behind the scenes” in the app.
  3. Understand how your applications interact with other apps, and that data sharing may occur across programs

If you are an avid social media user, here are some ways to protect your privacy while using social networks:

  1. Use a VPN: A VPN encrypts your internet connection, to keep your privacy protected when sending messages or personal communications.
  2. Think before you share: Information shared on social media is publicly visible, so remember it is visible to a large amount of people.
  3. Read the privacy policy: Be sure to understand the privacy policy of the social network and adjust your settings accordingly, and be aware of how your data is being collected, used or sold.
  4. Adjust your Privacy Settings: Set your privacy settings within applications to control how your information is shared and what is kept private.


Create Kickstarter Account

Create Kickstarter Account. Kickstarter is an online service that allows users to make pledges to fund creative projects that are posted by others. The pledges work on a threshold pledge system, meaning the funds are not transferred from the donors to the project creator until the project receives 100% of its predetermined funding goals.

More so, you must have a valid Email account to Create Kickstarter Account since it provides a unique security feature. Create Gmail account here.

However, this article will teach you how to start a project on Kickstarter. Create Kickstarter Account.

Create Kickstarter account

Sign Up for Kickstarter Account

  1. Visit the homepage to fill the form
Create Kickstarter Account
  • Enter your Name in the column provided in the form.
  • Fill in your Email address.
  • Enter your Password. Tip: choose a strong password that you can remember it must consist of numbers, alphabets, symbols and should be at least 10 digits.
  • Click ‘Create account’

2. Go to your Email and verify your account by clicking the “Complete verification”

Create Kickstarter Account Email verification

3. Congratulations your Kickstarter Account is ready

Congratulations account created

How to Login to Kickstarter Account

If you already had a Kickstarter account, kindly follow the below process to Log in to your account.

  1. Visit
Kickstarter account login page

Fill in your Email address and Password and then click Log in. You can equally log in by clicking Continue with Facebook

How to Start a Project on Kickstarter Account

  1. Visit the Kickstarter “start your project” page and click the “share your project” button.
  2. Log in using the email and password associated with your Kickstarter account. Tips: If you don’t already have an account, fill out the “New to Kickstarter?” form and click the “Sign Me Up” button to create one.
  3. Read the project Guidelines. Click the checkbox at the bottom of the guidelines and click “Continue”.
  4. Describe your project and exactly what you want to create under the “what would you like to create?” section using 750 characters or less. Be as specific as possible; this section will allow the Kickstarter staff to evaluate your project.
  5. Describe any rewards or pledge incentives under the “What rewards would you offer?’ section, using 1000 characters or less.
  6. Enter any relevant links or resources where the Kickstarter staff can learn more about your project.
  7. Select which category fits your projects best using the drop down menu.
  8. Select the approximate amount of money you are interested in raising.
  9. You can optionally enter how you found out about the site and click the “share Your Project” button to submit your project to the Kickstarter staff.

How much should you ask for on Kickstarter?

If your company is not registered (and you do not have a business number), you won’t be able to register as a legal entity. Please keep in mind that all projects on Kickstarter must have a verified identity associated with them.

Can you lose your money on Kickstarter?

You shouldn’t expect the crowdfunding crowd to give you a fortune. Yes, there are rare products that managed to gather millions of dollars. That said, a usual Kickstarter campaign reaches much humbler numbers. According to these statistics, an average successful project raises from $10, 000 to $23, 000.

How to make money on Kickstarter.

Organize your projects well for backers and you will see money.

Kickstarter project.

Ensure your projects are well described before launching a campaign.

Kickstarter to start a business.

Delete your Kickstarter Account

Are you fed up using your Kickstarter account, and as such you wish to cancel (close) or even deactivate your account?

If you caught up in the above situation then don’t worry here is the right place where you can learn how to cancel (close) or even deactivate your account.

There are various reason why you may wish to delete your Kickstarter account among all is the email spamming by the company.

However, Kickstarter is an online crowd-funding website that lets its users create a campaign or invest in the campaign. The website lets its users create and edit account information, upload pictures, create a campaign, browse through the list of campaigns or projects and invest your money in that project.

How to Delete Kickstarter Account

Users of this account, have two methods of deleting their account, namely:

  1. Delete account by email
  2. Delete your account through their website.
How to cancel your Account by Email

Note: You can delete your account by sending an email to the company, requesting then to delete your account from their database.

Therefore, follow these steps below:

  1. Open your email account that is registered with the application or website.
  2. Now compose an email and enter the email address
  4. Now write an email requesting then to delete your account from their database, and to wipe all your information with them, if any.
Cancel your Account through their Website

Follow the steps below:

  1. Go through the following URL “
  2. Login to your account
  3. Click on the ME button which is located at the top right section of the page.
  4. Immediately, a drop-down menu will appear
  5. Now, click ACCOUNT.
  6. Locate the Delete Account section, at the right side of the page under the Facebook login settings
  7. Now, tap on Delete My Kickstarter Account
  8. Enter your password
  9. Click on DELETE ACCOUNT PERMANENTLY, to permanently delete your account
Deleting your account will not:
  1. Automatically hide or delete any project you’ve created on Kickstarter.
  2. Remove your name, comments, or updates from any project you’ve created on Kickstarter.
  3. Delete all of your information. We may retain certain information required by law or for necessary business purposes.

Contact our Support team to ask about hiding or deleting a project. We won’t be able to accommodate all requests.

Deleting your account will:
  1. Delete the email and (cryptographically hashed) password you use to sign in
  2. Delete your profile
  3. Remove your name as a backer from all successful projects you’ve supported. Note: this will likely make it impossible for creators to send you rewards.
  4. Stop all notifications to your email address.
  5. Cancel any projects you’ve started but not launched
  6. Cancel your pledges to any live projects.
  7. Remove your name from comments on projects and project updates – so long as they are not your own projects. Your name will remain on any project you’ve created.
  8. Cancel all Drip subscriptions. You will lose access to all subscriber-only content.
What should I do before deleting my account?

Before deleting your Kickstarter Account we recommend doing the following first:

  1. Make sure to cancel any pledges to live projects. Keep in mind that a pledge can not be canceled if a project has already ended.
  2. If there are any projects that are still being fulfilled, we recommend reaching out to the creator to co-ordinate off-site communication. Deleting your account will remove your name as a backer and the creator will no longer have access to your information.
  3. Download a copy of your Kickstarter data, you can find the instructions for how to do this here. The information downloaded will include all of your pledge details, should you need this again in the future.
How do I start a project?

Anyone that meets our creator requirements is eligible to launch a project on Kickstarter.

We encourage you to browse through our Kickstarter Resources Compendium and Creator Handbook for tips on structuring and running your project, as well as a through list of resources we’ve made available for our creators. Make sure you take a minute to check Our Rules too.

For helpful tips, stories from creators, and other resources that could be useful as you start building your project, take a look at our category-specific articles from our Education Resources for Creators.

When you’re ready, simply head to our start page and begin building – we’re excited to see your creative idea come to life.

What should I consider when setting my funding goal?

We encourage creators to research all costs involved in completing their project prior to launching.
Your funding goal should include the amount you need to complete your project (costs of making and shipping rewards) and fees associated with running a project on Kickstarter. Once you launch your project, you cannot change your funding goal and deadline…

It helps to make a list of all the material, resources, and expenses (such as shipping costs) you’ll need to complete your project, and the estimated costs for each. Research how much things will cost, and consider how your expenses could change if you had to switch suppliers or fulfilment partners (it never hurts to have a back-up plan). Keep in mind that additional fees collected for shipping will be reflected in your funding amount while your project is live.

We’ve also compiled a list of services that can aid in the process of completing your project.


If a project reaches its funding goal, Kickstarter applies a 5% fee to the funds collected for creators. Strip, our payments processor will also apply payment processing few (roughly 3-5%). The complete fee breakdowns are available here.

If a project does not reach its funding goal, no fees are collected.


Funds raised on Kickstarter are generally subject to taxes. How much you owe can vary based on a number of factors, including the destruction of project-related expenses. We highly recommend talking to an accountant or tax advisor. They can guide you through your particular tax scenario in the most advantageous way possible.

While we can’t offer tax advice, we have compiled a guide for financial professionals who may not be familiar with Kickstarter.

Funding Calculator

Still unsure about your funding goal? The Funding Calculator, which you can access via the ‘Basics’ section of your project build, is meant to help creators visualize the potential costs associated with running a project on Kickstarter, including fees and taxes, on top of how much money you will need to bring your creative project to life.

Can Kickstarter be used to fund anything?

Kickstarter is a place to bring new creative ideas to life, and to find support for your project.

Projects are launched on Kickstarter to create something new; whether it be recording an album, publishing a comic, filming a short, building a gadget, or creating a work of art that will be shared with others. Your projects should have a clear end goal, with a properly thought out path to getting there.

As our mission is to help creators bring new creative ideas to life, we don’t permit offering something that’s already available somewhere else as a project’s end goal. For example, if you’ve already published, and are selling, a cookbook, this shouldn’t be ther end goal for your project.
However, if there are looking to create and publish a second cookbook, the first one could be offered alongside this as one of your reward tiers.

We review projects they launch to ensure that they fit this criteria, and to make sure they aren’t breaking our rules.

If you’re unsure whether your idea would make a good fit to Kickstarter, feel free to get in touch with us. Are there any prohibited items?

We prohibit projects that are illegal, heavily regulated, or potentially dangerous for backers, as well as rewards that the creator did not make. For more information check our our Prohibited Items page.

What are some things I should do before launching my project?

Running a project on Kickstarter is a lot of fun, but it’s important to remember that a lot of coordination is also required for a project to be successful. So, before launching, make sure that you and your project are 100% ready. To help ensure that you’re prepared to launch we’ve compiled 10 tips & resources below.

  1. Check out our guide for creating a smart project timeline.
  2. Make a detailed budget of your costs (prototyping, production, shipping, e.t.c) and use this to set your funding goal. These creators share their tips on what to consider when setting your funding goal.
  3. Remember to build in some wiggle room too though! Read about this creator’s Cost to Create experience for why this is recommended.
  4. Establish your reward tiers. What are some rewards that might appeal to your community?
  5. Think about your project page, is it launch ready? We asked 6 creators what makes a good project page.
    6 Make sure that your project page is honest and clearly presented.
  6. Share your project draft with your friends and family for some pre-launch feedback using our project preview tool.
  7. Make a list! Who from your community will you share your project with?
  8. And, have a plan for spreading the word.
  9. Read some unsolicited launch advice from Kickstarter creator Adam J.Kurtz.
What information should I share on my project page?

After visiting your project page backers should have a clear sense of :

  1. What are you trying to create
  2. How you plan on doing so
  3. Your story. Let your backers know what brought you to Kickstarter.
  4. The progress you’ve made so far. How far along is your project?
  5. Your budget, and how you plan to use your funds.

The more information you share, the more confident your backer will be in pledging to your project.

Check out our Creator Handbook and browse the Projects We Love section on the site, for inspiration. We’ve also compiled more tips on what makes a good project page in this blog post.

Create Kickstarter Account. Create Kickstarter Account.


Create Product Hunt Account

Create Product Hunt Account. Product Hunt is a community-based website that allows makers and marketers to launch their products or services and get in touch with their first real users. The community can jump start products through votes and (honest) reviews, which are essential in the early stage of campaigns.

Product Hunt pairs people working in a product development and people interested in testing new products in their infancy. Product Hunt is free, an added benefit for many startups.

However, makers and influencers are happy to test your product, even if it’s an MVP stage or has bugs. These early supporters form a base of users and provide valuable feedback regarding your product’s functionality.

More so, regular users can also discover and test new apps and tools first hand. They can contribute to the final development of their favorite apps and tools via reviews and comments, engage actively with makers, and learn technical details. Create Product Hunt Account.

Create a personal Product Hunt Account

Create Product Hunt Account

How to Launch on Product Hunt: The Ultimate Checklist

This might seem like the most obvious step and need not be mentioned, but getting this right is the most crucial of all the other steps. Create a personal account and steer clear from using any branding or company id. The folks at Product Hunt are very particular about this as it helps them keep the user base clean and real. You can use any one of Facebook, Twitter, Gmail or your AngelList account to create an account.

2. Start networking and be an active member of product Hunt

Being an active member of the community will also teach you what works and what doesn’t work on product Hunt. The connections that you build on this platform prior to your product’s launch will help you immensely in getting some early upvotes and feedback. Upvotes and comments from active users or people with a good following will most likely boost your ranking on Product Hunt.

As mentioned above, Hunters are the people who launch products on Product Hunt. Honestly, convincing a hunter to hunt your product is quite difficult compared to finding a few hunters. Does your product getting hunted by a good hunter influence that rankings? Probably a little, Is it the most important factor? Not at all.

Now, you’ll find a lot of articles that still claim that finding an “influential” hunter is the most important step. Earlier Product Hunt used to send out email notifications to that particular hunter’s followers and thus people still think it’s very crucial to find a good hunter.

“It makes little difference who hunts the product. It used to matter, back in the days when we sent email notifications to the hunter’s followers, but we stopped doing that a long time ago.”

However, if you do manage to get a hunter who’s ready to hunt your product, great! To search for hunters, check this site which has a forever changing list of the Top 500 hunters on PH. Create Product Hunt Account

Pre-Launch Campaign on Social Media

Now that we have got all the technicalities of launching on Product Hunt out of the way, let’s look at the other activities you should focus on. Use social media extensively at least 2 weeks prior to your launch day. Remember those connections on LinkedIn you’ve been talking to for a while now? Or the incredible number of followers you have on Facebook & Instagram. Or maybe the numerous Slack & telegram Channels & WhatsApp groups you are a part of. Yes, this is the time to use these channels to your advantage.

Reach out to as many people as you can-tell them about your product, that you will launch on Product Hunt and that you have a sweet offer for them. Who doesn’t love offers? get creative and think out of the box campaigns to run organically on these social media channels to ensure that you can count on some upvote numbers.

Create a Landing Page, Create Product Hunt Account

Creating a landing page before the actual launch of your product is a great way to build awareness and arouse interest in the community. Building a landing page is fairly easy, thanks to Ship by Product Hunt. Create a landing page with ship by Product Hunt.

With Ship, you can:

  • Collect emails ids.
  • Do surveys
  • Direct message makers, investors, and journalists on the community.
  • Group message inside the community.
  • And a lot more.

Once you build a landing page, it will show up on the “upcoming” section on the Product Hunt. This is another chance for you to gain those early “upvote” and “commenters”.

These people are not only early subscribers to your product launch, but also are your potential customers. Thus, keep engaging with them via mails before the launch. Also, use your social media handles to drive traffic to this landing page.

Get the product Hunt Badge on your website & offer visitors an offer.

Let visitors to your website know that you’ve been posted on Product Hunt. You can do this by adding the Product Hunt badge on your website. If you are added as the maker for your product, you can easily pull a piece of code and embed it on your website to pull real-time starts from Product Hunt.

When you launch product, the web visitors you get from Product Hunt will love a nice little offer exclusive to them. Also, make sure you added a “FOMO” element to whatever offer you are creating.

Launch a Freebie Before your product Launch

Okay, this is sort of a bonus tip and a dicey one as well. This technique has worked for a lot of people and we at Ampliz, have used this technique as well. Before the actual launch of your product, launch a freebie – a quick guide, and actionable e-book or a ppt, a free to-use simple tool, etcetera.

This will help you create an initial buzz in the community and also help you start meaningful conversations. people on Product Hunt love free and open-source stuff. For instance, we launched a content strategy template on Product Hunt and the community loved it.

It was a simple PPT that contained executable templates and we gave it out for free. Better yet, we did not even ask for emails ids. We were trending in Top and we saw a major traffic boost for that day and the following week. With 253 upvotes, 1900+visitors in a day and 130+downloads, we couldn’t be happier. Create Product Hunt Account

Product Hunt launch Day Checklist

So you have checked off everything on this list as far as pre-launch day preparation is concerned. Good!
Now the next big thing is getting all the things right on the launch day. We’ll first go through the process of publishing your product and then we’ll have a look at the launch day strategies.

  1. Posting your product

Finally, the D-day is here and you are all excited & ready to publish your product. While at it, make sure you get the basics right.

  • Link: Add a proper link of your product, or the company website or to a particular landing page that you want to drive users to. Typically, add your product or company or company website as the primary link, followed by links to Plays tore or App store (if any). Product Hunt will use this link to check the product.
  • Title: Just write the name of your product as it is or as it appears on the internet.
  • Tagline: In this section, describe what your product does in under 60 words. Be very precise while writing the tagline. Treat this as your product’s one-liner elevator pitch.

Thumbnail: The thumbnail is the small logo that appears next to your product listing on product Hunt. This is the part where you should really get creative. We have seen some amazing Gifts which coaxed a click from us. Either you can use your brand logo as your thumbnail or an attractive Gif. If you ask us, we’d say a good Gif as your thumbnail can even determine the number of clicks you get.
The thumbnail should be square in size and product Hunt prefers a dimension of 240X240.

  • Gallery: Gallery is where you upload several images and videos to explain what your product does. make sure your designs are on point and conveying all that your product does in this real estate.
  • Topic: This is more of a category so to say. Select 2-3 categories in which your product fits in. select some broad topics like “marketing”, “tech”, et cetera.
  • Social Links: Here, add your company’s social link such as Twitter, Facebook or AngelList.
  • Status: This is the space where you mention whether your product is still being built or is it ready to download/use.

Add makers to your product. Create Product Hunt Account

We have already discused this earlier and we can’t stress on this enough. If you have a team of people who have built the product from scratch, do add them as makers. Not only does this ensure they get their due credit/feedback/appreciation, but also their followers on Product Hunt get notification about the product launch.

Now after the product has launched, one of the makers should do the first comment. Use the first comment to briefly introduce yourself, the product and what problem you’re solving. This is a great way to explain what your product does with a personal touch.

Get the early comments and upvotes

we sincerely hope you were paying attention to the aforementioned section of how you should build relationships on PH prior to launch. This is the time to put those connections to use. Get as many comments and upvotes as early as you can because that’ll really boost the ranking of your product. We assume that the “super-secrete algorithm” of product Hunt gives brownie points for those early upvotes.

Now don’t site idle while people comment. Once you get those comments pouring in, start replying to people, ask for feedback and just engage with them. Create Product Hunt Account

Reach out to People on Social Media

Immediately after the launch of your product, head over to your social channels and use your social media connections/following to the fullest. Ask people to check you out on Product Hunt and drop some comments if they like your product. Don’t push it too hard to the point of being spammy as neither people nor the folks over at Product Hunt like “spammy”. Share links on WhatsApp groups, LinkedIn groups, Facebook and Slack communities-you get the point, right? This might come accross as a very generic tip, but it actually works.

What is the best time to Post? Create Product Hunt Account

This is one thing everyone has on their minds and let’s address this now. Product Hunt follows Pacific standard Time (PST). Once you are ready to publish your product, you can go live right away or schedule it for a later time. If you want to publish it right away, then it’ll get automatically scheduled to be posted at 12 am PST.

Now honestly, there is no right or wrong posting time when it comes to launching your product on Product Hunt, but we can give you two perspectives. If you want to reach the maximum number of people, then publish it at 12 am and get as many early upvotes as possible (we suspect that the PH algorithm loves early upvotes and comments). If you, however, want to get more clicks on your product then schedule it for a morning publish (i.e., when people wake up and receive newsletters). Makes sense? Good. Create Product Hunt Account

Have Fun on Create product Hunt Account

lastly, enjoy the process and just have fun. You have put in all the hard work to build the product, you’ve ensured all the points in the pre-launch checklist are ticked off and now it’s time to take it easy. If you do this right, we guarantee that you’ll get a huge amount of traction from PH as well as early subscribers to? customers of your product.

Now that you have reached this far, we have a couple of bonus tips for you. These 2 hacks have really worked well for us and we are sure it will for you too. One of these hacks is getting the feel of PH before you launch and the other one is for boosting your product’s rank on the D-day.

Bonus Tip: Use Preview Hunt before you launch

preview Hunt is by far the best utility website when it comes to product Hunt. This is basically a mock version of the actual process of publishing your product on PH. Use this to test out various taglines, thumbnails, media and see what looks good. This will come in really handy if you are a first-timer. Use Preview Hunt to get a look and feel of what it’ll look like on Product Hunt’s feed.

Bonus Tip 2: Use proper Keywords

You know that the best part about Product Hunt is? That, Google loves it. What we mean by this is, each product page of PH gets indexed by Google and kind of ranks pretty decently too. When you write your tagline or the first comment, make sure you include your brand keywords in it. The keywords you want to appear for when people research on Google or any other search engine for that matter. Get your team to produce comments, optimized with keywords, once your product goes live. This way, not only you’ll ensure good reach on the launch day but also, days after you have successfully launched on Product Hunt.

Product Hunt is an amazing place to launch your product if you area nascent startup. The checklist for 2020 mentions every little detail about the activities we have done and that works. Don’t treat PH as a market place but as a place where you’ll build long term connections and also where you’ll gain your early customers.

Be prepared for the amount of inbound leads/requests you’ll get once you go live on Product Hunt and we ensure you that it’ll be a fun experience. We hope you have a great launch!.

Delete Product Hunt Account

There are few things you must know about cancelling subscriptions. They include the following:

  1. Once you subscribe to a plan and you don’t cancel it manually like you subscribed, that plan will renew automatically because you gave the permission.
  2. When you subscribe for a trial period and then you cancel, you run the risk of losing that trial content altogether.
  3. You must remember to manually cancel a subscription 24 hours before the trial period ends.

We have made it super easy to cancel makers: for product hunt subscription at the root to avoid any and all mediums “PoeticBytes Inc.” (the developer) uses to bill you. Now let us get into the crux of this guide.

How to unsubscribe from Makers: for Product Hunt?

It’s so easy to sign up for a service through an app, but unsubscribing can be a bit trickier. Are you wondering how to unsubscribe makers: for product hunt account? Here’s everything you need to know about deleting a makers: for product hunt account, ride on.

How to cancel maker: for Product Hunt subscriptions on your iPhone or iPad?
  1. First, open the Settings app and click on your name
  2. Then, tap on the “Subscriptions” tab. (Note: That you might not automatically see this tab. In that case, tap on iTunes & Appstore)
  3. Next, click on your Apple ID. View Apple ID then sign in and scroll down to the “Subscriptions” button.
  4. Next, click on makers: for Product Hunt (subscription) you want to review.
  5. Now, tap on cancel. (Note: That if you don’t see a “Cancel Subscription” button for makers: for product hunt, then it’s definitely canceled already. It won’t be renewed anymore).
How to cancel makers: for Product Hunt subscription on Android device?

To cancel makers: for Product Hunt subscription on Android, you need to realize that deleting the makers: for product hunt app alone won’t cut it. Follow the processes below:

  1. First, open the Google Play Store. If you have multiple Google accounts, be sure you’re signed into the right one.
  2. Click on menu, then go to “Subscription”.
  3. Choose the makers: for Product Hunt subscription you wish to cancel and tap on the “Cancel Subscription” option.
  4. Finish up as directed.
How to cancel makers: for Product Hunt subscriptions on a Mac computer?

To cancel makers: for Product Hunt subscription on your Mac, do the following:

  1. First open the Mac App Store, then click on your name at the bottom of the sidebar.
  2. Scroll down on the next page shown to you until you see the “Subscriptions” tab then click on “Manage”.
  3. Click “Edit” beside the makers: for Product Hunt app and then clcik on “Cancel Subscription”.
How to cancel makers: for Product Hunt subscription on PayPal, do the following:
  1. First log into your PayPal account at
  2. Click on the settings tab which is beside the logout option
  3. Press “Payments” from the menu provided to you and click on “Manage Automatic Payments” in the Automatic Payments dashboard.
  4. You’ll be shown a series of merchants’ agreement you’ve transacted before. Click on “makers: for product hunt” to cancel
  5. You will be shown a confirmation page. Click on the “Cancel Automatic Payments” tab to affirm that you want to stop making payments to makers: for product hunt.
  6. Then click “Done” on the verification page to complete the unsubscribe.
What to do if your makers: for product Hunt subscription is billed through a different company?

Sometimes, you may find that you made a subscription through another company whether you were aware or not at the time of subscribing. To change this you might have to sign in the company’s website or directly reach out to the content provider. Generally, here are two steps you can take if you find yourself in that fix.

  1. Finding the company’s information, then reaching out. Makers: for Product Hunt Feedback Form
  2. If the company has an app they developed in the App store, you can try contacting PoeticBytes Inc. *the app developer) for help through the details of the app.
How to delete makers: for Product Hunt from your iPhone or Android?

Delete Makers: for product hunt from iPhone

  1. On your home screen, click and hold makers: for product hunt until it starts shaking.
  2. Once it starts to shake, you’ll see an X Mark at the top of the app icon
  3. Click on that X to delete the makers: for product hunt app from your phone.

Method 2: Go to Settings and tap on General then click on “iPhone Storage“. You will then scroll down to see the list of all the apps installed on your iPhone. Tap on the app you want to uninstall and delete the app.

Method 3: Go into your settings and click on “General” and then click on iPhone Storage. You will see the option “Offload Unused Apps|. Right next to it is the “Enable| option. Click on the “Enable” option and this will offload the apps that you don’t use.

Delete makers” for product hunt from Android
  1. First open the Google Play app, then press the hamburger menu icon on the top left corner.
  2. After doing these, go to “My Apps and Games| option, then go to the “Installed” option.
  3. You’ll see a list of all your installed apps on your phone.
  4. Now choose makers: for product hunt, then click on “uninstall“.
  5. Also you can specifically search for the app you want to uninstall by searching for that app in the search bar then select and uninstall.
What to do if you subscribed directly on makers: for Product Hunt’s website?

Here’s how to cancel your makers: for product hunt subscription when billed through a payments provider that is not the App store, Play store or Paypal. Sometimes, you may start a subscription directly on a company’s website without using an extra layer of security like Paypal or Apple. To unsubscribe, you might have to sign in to makers: for product hunt’s website or directly reach out to the payments provider. Generally, here are two steps you can take if you find yourself in that fix:

  1. Visit makers: for product hunt website – and login to your account
  2. go to your profile or account page
  3. Click “Billings” or “Subscriptions” or other similar alternatives to see a list of your options.
  4. Cancel” your subscription.

For customer care services:


Create AngelList Account

Create AngelList Account. It help you get funding, however having an active profile can see your startup featured and drive a substantial amount of traffic.

You’ll need to create a personal profile. Then you’ll be able to create a profile for your startup. Invite people who know you and your company to refer it.

Using Gmail to Create an AngelList Company Profile helps you secure your account against unauthorized users and hackers because of it’s unique security settings. Click here to Create a Gmail account.

Sign up for Create AngelList Account

  1. Go to AngelList homepage. Choose any of the following:
Create AngelList Account

Use your E-mail and fill the form

  • Your full name
  • Your E-mail
  • Create a strong password at least 10 characters with alphabets and numbers.
  • Click Sign up

2. Fill the form below

Create AngelList Account
Create Angelic profile account

Create AngelList Account

How to Make Your AngelList Account Profile Stand out from the Competition

Last year, over 100,000 startup of all sizes used AngelList to discover top job-seekers. That is likely good news for anyone looking to join an innovative tech company. But with over two million candidates looking for new jobs last year, it’s important to make a good first impression on the recruiters using AngelList.

The good news is that a few tweaks to your profile will make your candidate profile stand out from the competition.

We’ll look at some important tips to help you get a head start. We’ll also walk through each section of your AngelList candidate profile and give you practical tips to make each application you send shine.

Create AngelList Account

Carefully consider each opportunity

Before we get into the main details of creating your candidate profile, let’s review a few best practices for applying for jobs on AngelList. These tips also apply to your candidate profile, which we’ll elaborate on later in this post.

  • Tailor your note to each recruiter: AngelList provides an optional field for candidates to add a note to a recruiter before applying for a job. Don’t skip this step! Write a short not to the recruiter about why you’re interested in the role and the company. It doesn’t need to be as long as a traditional cover letter, but even a few sentences can make your application stand out.
  • Do regular maintenance on your profile: It’s very easy to leave your AngelList profile alone once you’ve perfected it. But as your career evolves, make sure to return to your profile to update it with any new information, including job changes, new skills or certifications, and additions to your mini resume.
  • Check for typos: A misplaced comma could give a recruiter the impression that your work might also be sloppy. Before you apply for any job or send a note to a recruiter, double check each part of your application for typos.
  • Use a professional profile photo: Researchers had it that people make judgments about you in 1/10th of a second. to put your best foot forward, upload a professional headshot to your profile. While you don’t need to worry about hiring a photographer or dressing in formal clothing, do your best to select a photo that’s quality and clearly shows your face.

Every social media platform has ideal image sizes, so keep that in mind when uploading a photo to AngelList. For example, even a professional headshot that looks sharp on Instagram might look distorted on another site. When you’re selecting a profile photo for your candidate picture profile, keep the following image sizes in mind:

  • Profile photos and logos are typically 200 x 200.
  • The maximum file size for all images is 2mb.

Create AngelList Account

Don’t gloss over the basics

The Basics section of your candidate profile can give recruiters a lot of information about your candidacy right off the bat. In addition to some general details such as your name and location, the “Basics” section of your profile includes the following fields:

  • Mini-resume: A 160-character overview of your career and goals. Think of this as a professional Twitter bio.
  • Role: This field enables you to add tags that describe the types of roles you’ve had, as well as those you’re interested in. Using these tags allows us to show you relevant jobs-and they make it easier for recruiters to find you.
  • Location: Location tags are incredibly critical to your job search experience on AngelList. Many cities around the world have similar names, so make sure that your current city and state are correct. For example, there are two towns in New York and California named Woodside. If you’re not careful, you could end up hearing from recruiters from across the country-even though you’re unwilling to relocate!

Additionally, your AngelList candidate profile should also include links to all of your relevant social media profiles. for non-technical candidates, consider including links to LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook profiles, as well as any personal blogs or websites that you maintain.

Include specific examples

Former Google executive Lazlo Bock told Inc. Magazine that candidates need to focus on results and impact when crafting their resumes. Bock’s formula for doing this looks like this: Accomplished {X} as measured by {Y} by doing {Z}.

We’ll apply Bock’s formula to the Experience and Achievements sections of your profile and provide some pointers on how to make each section impactful. You can also use this formula when you send notes to startup recruiters on AngelList.


Let’s say that you’re looking for a new position as a Digital Marketing Manager. You could talk about all the operational things that you do, but think a little more deeply about what you want recruiters to know. Instead of saying “launched campaigns on social media platforms,” use Bock’s formula to include tangible metrics to highlight the exact impact your work made on a specific project or your team.

However, this will vary based on the type of roles you’re searching for. But when it comes to calling things out in each role on your profile, don’t be afraid to be very specific.


While the accomplishments you highlighted under each job might be specific to those roles, use this section to showcase anything that you’ve done that’s relevant to the job you’re applying for AngelList.

Be specific as possible, even if your career has just begun. Recruiters spend just 5 seconds reviewing most resumes, make it substantial and get their attention.

Complete the about section

The About section of your AngelList profile can give recruiters an even clearer idea of what you’re looking for in your next role-and more importantly, why you’re a qualified candidate.

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Delete AngelList Account

Are you fed up using your Angelist account, and as such you wish to cancel (close) oe even deactivate your account?
If the above is the case then don’t bother because here is the right place where you can learn how to cancel (close) or even deactivate your account.

There are various reasons why you may wish to delete your Angelist account among all of them is email spamming by the company.

Meanwhile, AngelList is a U.S. website for startups, angel investors, and job-seekers looking to work at startups. Created in 2010, the platform has a mission to democratize the investment process and to help startups with their challenges in fundraising and talent.

How To Delete AngelList Account
  1. Log in to your account
  2. Visit your Settings page or, click your portrait in the upper right-hand corner of your screen and then select “Settings
  3. And finally, click on “Delete account” in the lower-left corner of your screen to permanently delete your account.

Note: If you follow the above steps, your account will be deleted and also your user profile will be closed. However, it does not delete any startup profiles you are associated with. So if you are an investor on AngelList or do not see this, please send an account delete request to

Note: You can also delete your account by sending an email to the company, requesting them to delete your account from their database.

Therefore, follow these steps below:

  1. Open your email account that is registered with the application or website.
  2. Now compose an email and enter the email address
  3. In the Subject section, type “REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT”.
  4. Now write an email requesting them to delete your account from their database, and to wipe all your information with, if any.