Create Telegram Account

Create Telegram Account. Telegram is a cloud-based messaging service app that has over 100 million active monthly users.

Telegram is a cloud-based messenger with seamless sync that helps you in accessing your messages from several devices at once, including tablets and computers. It also helps you in sharing an unlimited number of photos, videos and files (doc, zip, mp3, etc) of up to 1.5 GB each.

Furthermore, in case you have less storage space on you device then you can always keep it in the cloud. Telegram even allow you to create groups for up to 200, 000 people and channels.

However, using your Email to create Telegram account affords you a good security to your account from hackers and unauthorized users.

How to Create Telegram Account

  1. Visit
  • Click “Get Telegram for Windows”
Create Telegram Account
  • Click on Get Telegram for Windows and tap to Save file where would you like to save this file? pops up.
  • Go to your download and double click on the Telegram icon.
  • Tap on run as administrator to install the app on your PC.
  • On your desktop double click on the Telegram app and tap on Start Messaging.
  • Confirm your country code and enter your active phone number for activation.
  • Enter the code that was sent to you via SMS to activate your account.
  • You have successfully Sign up a Telegram account on your PC or Mac

How To Register Telegram On Androids And iPhone

To create a Telegram account on Androids and iPhone, kindly follow the below process and have a telegram signup on your devices.

  1. Open your phone and tap on either the Playstore or Apple store
  2. Type Telegram on the search box to show the Telegram app, it has an arrow sign and a blue color.
  3. Click on install and tap Open.
  4. Click on start Messaging and tap OK to allow Telegram to receive calls so as to automatically confirm your phone number.
  5. Kindly confirm your country code and enter your phone number. Click the arrow beside it.
  6. Enter the code sent to you via SMS to activate your account.
  7. You have successfully Sign up a Telegram account on your device. The next thing to do is to go to settings and enter your Name, Username and put your profile picture and start messaging with your telegram account.

Create Reddit Account

Create Reddit Account, is an opensource website that encourages users to create communities, post content, vote on links, and share comments. This online community allows users to discover, categorize, and share useful content and information.

They are great tools to promote yourself as an authority by sharing relevant information and eventually promoting information about your business. This sharing activity elevates your online visibility and overall relevancy.

How to Create Reddit Account

  1. Go to
  2. Choose the option you would like to sign up with either to “Continue with Google” or Continue with Apple” or “Email” and click “CONTINUE” to complete your registration.

We’ll be choosing the “EMAIL” option…

Create Reddit account home page

Choose your username: A list of suggested username would be give at the top right corner of the page and your username is how the community members will see you. It would be used to credit you for things you share on Reddit.

Password: Choose a password you can remember and it must be strong consisting of numbers, symbols and signs.

Answer CAPCHA and click “SIGN UP“. By Clicking Sign Up you agree to Reddit User agreement and Privacy Policy.

Reddit account form
  • Choose topics you want from the various communities on Reddit. Click “FINISH” down left once you choose finish.
Create Reddit account join group page
Reddit Account created

How to Submit and Recommend Content

As we’ve said earlier, the great thing about reddit not only finding new content, but sharing relevant stories in your niche.

  • To start sharing, click “Submit a New Link” underneath the site’s search bar.
  • Submitting to Reddit is fast and easy. Just paste a link in the URL field you want to share. Enter a title or suggest one by clicking the “Suggest Title” button. Make sure you’re human by entering the code and click “Submit“.
  • And done! Recommending contents is even easier. just click the “Upvote” or “Downvote” toggles next to any link you see to have your rating recorded.

I hope you enjoyed the guide. Happy Redditing!

Reddit Structure – Create Reddit Account

Every post on Reddit is made more or less visible by upvotes or downvotes. The more upvotes a post has, the more quickly it moves to the top of a subreddit, and vice versa. Your post vote score and your comment vote score are both publicly available on your profile.

Furthermore, Reddit is divided into subreddits. Each subreddit has a theme and there are thousands of subreddits to choose from. Posts are made by subreddit and each post has to follow the rules of the subreddit to which its posted. Once a post has been made, everyone on reddit is free to comment on it.


Create Uber Account

Create Uber Account now. Uber is a leading taxi company in the world and have dominated other taxi companies especially in Nigeria. It have over 100 million passengers.

I will be guiding you on how to Create Uber account as either a passenger or a driver. However, you can book a ride as a passenger immediately, but it can take several days to complete the steps required to drive for Uber.

Uber Taxi

Create Uber Account – Sign up Uber

  • Visit and fill the form below with your correct details
Create Uber account sign up page
  • Fill in your first name and last name in the space provided.
  • Enter your valid phone number.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Choose your password. Tips: choose a strong password that consist number, alphabet, symbols e.t.c
  • Agree to Uber Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
  • Then click “SIGN UP”
create Uber account login page

Enter the code that was sent to the email or phone number you provided

Uber verification

congratulations Uber Account created. You can choose any of the services you wish to embark on.

Create Uber account successful

Sign Up as Uber Driver

Create Uber Account
  • Enter your Email address
  • Enter your phone number
  • Choose your city
personal and vehicle details

Enter your personal information and vehicle detail. note: only your first name and vehicle details are visible to clients during the booking.

  1. To drive for Uber, you must be 21 or older, have a valid driver’s license, insurance and a legally registered car that meets Uber’s criteria for your city.
  2. Enter your social security or other identification number: Type the number in the spaces provided, then click Continue. Uber will use this number to perform a background check.
  3. Upload a photo of your driver’s license: If you’re using smartphone or tablet to fill out the form, tap Take Photo with My Phone and allow the on-screen instructions to upload the photo. If you are using a computer, take a photo of your license using a smartphone, then send the photo to your computer. Click Upload Photo”.
  4. Click Find an inspection center: Before you can proceed, you’ll need to have your car inspected by a certified Uber inspection agent. Once the inspection is complete, you can move to the next step.
  • Uber will attempt to locate the nearest inspection center: If you want to use that center, click Choose this location beneath the location. Otherwise, click Choose a different location for an alternate option.
  • Bring your license, registration, and insurance card with you to the inspection.
  • Upload your vehicle inspection form: A pop-up will appear, asking whether you’ve completed your inspection. Click Yes, then Browse to navigate to the photo or scanned inspection form.
  • Upload images of all requested documents? Now you’ll be prompted to upload a copy of your insurance card, registration card, and business license (if required by your city or state)
  • San Francisco CA, Portland OR, and Las Vegas NV all require that Uber drivers acquire business licenses.
  • To find out if your city requires a business license to drive for Uber, call your city’s revenue division.

Create Jumia Account

“Create Jumia Account” Jumia is an online shopping store that has so much to offer you. With Jumia online shopping, it’s done in a way that you can perform activities like buying and selling online. Jumia registration is the first step to take on getting your own share of all the amazing offers and sales on Jumia.

Jumia retains the number one online shopping market place in Nigeria and Africa at large for easy shopping. It has special offers at all times. There are also special offers for special seasons such as black Friday night in November/December every year.

Furthermore, there are also weekly offers on the mobile app. If you have this app you can get your week going with the amazing deals and offers. There is always a giveaway prize of 30% discount during mobile sales in Jumia Nigeria.


Sign up Jumia Account

Before you can buy goods on Jumia one must have an account with Jumia Nigeria for easy delivery and effective services. Let’s create Jumia account for you to shop this November Black Friday now;

  1. Visit Jumia homepage to create your Jumia account
Create Jumia Account
  • Fill in the above required box correctly.
  • Enter your First Name and Last Name in the box provided.
  • Enter your E-mail address and password. Tips: choose a strong password and it should consist numbers, alphabets and symbols.
  • Enter your phone number correctly.
  • Accept Jumia’s Terms & Conditions of services and Privacy and Cookie Notice.
  • Finally, check your details and click on submit.
  • Jumia will verify if you are a robot, so follow the security process below
Create Jumia account security check
  • Congratulations your Jumia account has been created successfully.
Jumia Account successfully created

How to Login to your Jumia Account

To buy goods with Jumia you must have an account and you must login to perform transactions. I will be guiding you on how to login to your Jumia account…

  1. Login into
Jumia account Login page
  • Enter your Email address
  • Enter your Password
  • Click “LOGIN”

How to Place Orders on Jumia

  • Visit Jumia Website (
  • Locate the search box as shown below.
Create Jumia account search box
  • Search Products using the search box. Search phone to see all the phones on Jumia, if you are sure about the phone you want, then search the phone name and brand. This also applies to other Jumia products.
  • Click on any product of Your choice to see everything you need to know.
  • You will find ADD TO CART under every product. Add any item you want to buy to cart, e.g phones, bags, clothes, laptops, air conditioners, milk, noodles, rice, etc
Jumia cart were products ordered are kept
  • As you add items to CART, the number of items in your CART will increase.
  • After adding items you wish to buy, click on CART to confirm if they are the stuff you really want to order. You can simply click remove to take any item item you don’t want away.
  • PROCEED TO CHECKOUT if you are cool with the items on your CART.
  • At checkout, you will be required to enter your delivery address, delivery method (your home or Jumia office), proceed to the payment method (pay on delivery, JumiaPay or Pay with interswitch using your ATM Card),
  • Click on CONFIRM Order if you have cross-checked.
  • Done, you have successfully placed an order on Jumia.

Facts about Jumia Orders

  • Are There Fake Products on Jumia? Generally, Jumia products are okay, but there are few substandard products too. However, you are not forced to buy them. But because you like cheap things.
  • Can someone collect items on my behalf? Yes, so long the person is able to provide a valid proof that you sent him to collect the product on your behalf.
  • How do i cancel orders on Jumia? You can cancel orders on Jumia by calling customer care or filling Jumia contact form. You will see the Jumia Customer care number and contact form in a link below.
  • Does Jumia ship items freely? As per Jumia shipping fee policy, you can enjoy free shipping for certain items under promotion. You will have to pay shipping fees based on your location.

Why You Should Buy On Jumia

  • Varieties of Products: This is one reason i love Jumia very well. On Jumia, you have access to a whole lot of products and services. You have more than enough to choose from.
  • Discounts: Sometimes, Jumia offers genuine discounts. I have bought products from Jumia and compared to the one sold offline. Sometimes, Jumia products are cheaper.
  • It is Convenient and Jumia has Good Customer service: With a few clicks, you have successfully ordered big products and it will be delivered to you (no stress).

Why you Should Not Buy On Jumia – Create Jumia Account

  • Slow Delivery: If you need your item within two days, Jumia may not be the best option for you. It is possible to get items delivered to you in Abuja within two days (more than two days sometimes), however, delivery in other States takes 4 to 7 days).
  • Audio Discounts: Some Jumia discounts are not real. Jumia will show that the item has been slashed by 20%. After buying, you will discover that it is still the same price as the ones sold at home or even more expensive than the one your friend bought months ago.
  • Shipping fee: For phones and other light items, Jumia shipping is good. But for heavier items, the shipping fee is much. It is enough to ship from your area and still have change to cook rice. If you are good with the shipping fee and item price, go ahead.

Types of Delivery on Jumia (Door Vs Pickup)

  • Door Delivery: Delivery time starts from the day you place your order to the day one of their delivery associates makes the first attempt to deliver to you. Delivery will be attempted 3 times over 5 days (7.00am to 5:30pm) after which the item will be cancelled.
  • Pick Up Station: Delivery time starts from the day you place your order to when you receive the first SMS to pick up your order from our pickup station.

Types of Shipping on Jumia

  • Standard Shipping: Products are held in stock with sellers and shipped once received at their warehouse.
  • Shipped from Overseas: Products ordered are shipped from overseas.
  • Economy Postal Shipping: Economy Postal Shipping is a new economical shipping service for Jumia Global items, delivered through local postal service providers.

How To Return Items To Jumia – Create Jumia Account

Jumia accepts returns within 7 days of placing the order. Return is free and you will be fully refunded. If you are not satisfied with the item you got from Jumia or for reasons best known to you, you may want to return the item(s) you ordered to Jumia. These are the steps to follow if you want to return items to Jumia:

  • Initiate a return: Fill this form, or call Jumia on 018881100 if you have any questions. You can initiate a return if you change your mind or if you receive wrong, damaged, defective or counterfeit items.
  • Get The Product Ready: Place the item in its original packaging, including any accessories, tags, labels or freebies.
  • Give The Item to Jumia Driver: Return the item at Jumia Pickup stations or wait for them to pick it up from you within 1-3 business days. Always ensure your return slip is signed by their return agents as your proof of return.
  • Your Money will Be Refunded: Once your returned item is received, Jumia will inspect it and process your refund within 10 business days via voucher or bank transfer depending on your selected option.


Create VK Account

Create VK Account. If Facebook and Instagram are of the most famous and known social platforms online, VK is definitely their equal in terms of success and influence if we move to Europe; specifically Russia, Byelorussia and Ukraine.

We’ll be helping you now to create your VK account with a Gmail account.

Because of this, VK is frequently compared to Facebook and sometimes it is considered like a clone of it.

Nevertheless, VK has the advantage to offer more services such as broadcasting video like YouTube and VK Stories like Snapchat.

Create VK Account

How to Create VK Account

  1. Click VK Link to open the welcome page. Click Sign up down left
Create VK account sign up page

2. Fill out the signup form: You can create an account in one of two ways: Using your name and phone number or using your Facebook account. Fill out the form under by providing your first name and last name, Date of Birth and your gender.

Create VK account signup form

3. Enter your mobile phone number: Your phone number is required for account verification. Select your country code from the “country” section, type your phone number (without the country code) in the box, and then click Get code to receive the verification code via message.

  • Both Sign up methods require a valid phone number for verification purposes. There is no way around this. But if you live in US, check out How to Get a Voice Phone Number.
  • Your phone number will not be publicly displayed on VK.
  • As you enter your phone number and click “Next” You’ll get a call from a unique number. Enter the last four digits of this number.

4. Create a password: If you signed up with Facebook, you’ll be prompted to confirm your Facebook login to complete the account creation process. If you signed up using just your name and phone number, follow the on-screen instructions to create and confirm your new password. So choose a strong password to Create your VK account now.

create VK password

5. Account created successfully


Create Gab account

Create Gab account now. Gab founded in 2016, is a free speech social network with a mission to defend, protect and preserve free speech online for all people according to its website description.

Create Gab Account

Furthermore, it is an ad-free social network that allows its users to read and write messages of up to 300 characters. It has roughly over 50 million users around the world.

How to create Gab account

  1. Go to Gab account page you will need to fill in the following forms. You will need to submit a username and email that are original, and ones that have never been used.
  2. The username will become your account’s username (@ name) and not changed.
  3. Your password should be a minimum of 8 characters and should be strong.
  4. Check the box to agree to the Terms of Service.

Before signing up you will receive a confirmation email to confirm the email you provided.

If it’s not found in your inbox, please check your spam/trash folders. If you can’t find the email verification, please contact Gab @support or @ help

Now fill this form below as instructed above.

Create Gab account
Create Gab account

Who owns Gab?

“I didn’t set out to build conservative social network’ by any means, but i felt that it was time for conservative leader to step up and provide a forum where anybody can come and speak freely without fear of censorship,” Torba told the Washington Post in 2016.

What’s next for Gab?

Gab is now facing a call from the Anti-Defamation League for a criminal investigation to determine whether the platform “intentionally aided, conspired with or directed” those who attacked the capitol on January 6.

The anti-hate group noted in an open letter on Wednesday there was at least one report that Gab users exchanged “directions for which streets to take to avoid the police and which tools to bring to help pry open doors”

The ADL also cited posts of Torba telling users “heading to DC” to “record footage in landscape mode while filming” and “document as much as you can.” It further cites Torba’s post on the day of the attack, in which he says, “in a system with rigged elections there are no longer any viable political solutions.”

In response, Gab called for an investigation into Facebook, where protests were organized.

Delete Gab account

  1. Open Gab
  2. Click on your profile
  3. Click on Settings
  4. Now, scroll down and click on Delete account
  5. Enter your password and finish the confirmation
  6. And finally, click on Delete to permanently delete your account

Composing a Gab Post

Open a gab post on your homepage timeline at the top. Alternately, by clicking/tapping on the pencil icon or using the comment option as a reply to another’s post.

Good to know:

  1. The composer box has a limit of 3,000 characters per post.
  2. A character count indicator is available on each post composer box. Located near the ‘publish; the border will begin to fill in as you type to the maximum of 3, 000 characters.
  3. Editing is an option found in the (ellipsis) 3 dots of each post box or just under a comment/reply. Click/tap the 3 dots, select “edit” and make your edits. Next click publish edit.
  4. To open a conversation thread on an existing post, click the text, the time stamp or comment, when the number is present. The number indicates the number of comments in the thread.

Change your email address, password or display name on Gab

If you have a verified account, you won’t be able to edit the display name


Enter your new email and existing password in the appropriate field of the form. Scroll down to find ‘Save’ your changes.
With current site work, please wait for the servers to update before you leave the page. You will see a message near the top of the page to confirm it updated.


Enter your current email and current password. Then enter your new password in the boxes and confirm. Please save your password edits by scrolling down to find ‘Save’.
If you lose your password, you will find the link for an email password reset at the log in. If you’re unable to find it, check your spam/trash folders.
If you’ve changed emails or don’t receive it, please send an email, including your @name and email address on file to:

Display name or @account name on Gab

The display name (first name) may be edited in profile/settings.
Your @name is selected when you create your account and can’t be changed.

Gab Pro subscribers may edit their @ name.
Note: If your Pro account is verified (blue checkmark), your display (first) name is fixed and cannot be changed.
Make your edits and don’t forget to save your changes:)

Gab Deck – Desktop

Gab Deck, a new PRO feature, launched in December 2020. It gives you several Gab timelines on one page.

Essentially it’s a different layout view for the desktop that let’s you create your own dashboard with columns. (no mobile tablet or phones).

Find it “More” option (left panel) – select Gab Deck
Non-pro users can still see the preview at
Below find a video walk through of this new Gab feature.

Video Walk Through: thanks to gabber@danzirin

Choose your preference for up to 8 columns (not available on mobile)

  1. Add up to 8 columns. a scroll bar is available for lrft-to-right review for efficient and quick browsing.
  2. select from your Home feed, notifications, a specific user, a list timeline, your likes, your bookmarks, pro timeline, compose a gab column, group timeline, explore timeline, news page, hashtag timeline, use the “+”.
  3. Adjust the widths of the columns by adjusting the ‘font size in the “Display Options” dialog.
  4. Refresh the columns by clicking the “Refresh” button in the top of each column.
  5. Delete any columns by cl=icking the “trash” button in the top of each column and replace with a different timeline (up to 8).
  6. Reorder the columns by clicking on the 3 vertical lines at the top left of each column, then dragging and dropping left to right to reorder.

If you’re an admin/moderator for a group, your moderation tools are accessible in the 3 dots of the post.

Tips for using the Mute or Block feature

If you prefer not to view a user’s content, you may choose tpo mute or block a gabber. Click/tap on the 3 dots to open the dialogue box. Select either mute or block.

Find the ellipsis (3 dots) here:

  1. Post composer box: upper right area of the composer box.
  2. Comment/reply box: directly under the comment
  3. Gabber’s Home page: a button, just under their profile banner image


The mute feature will remove a gabbers content from your view.


Blocking will mute the other gabber’s content from your view, remove your content from that gabber’s view and also force the other gabbeer to Unfollow you. Essentially, both gabbers are muted from seeing each other’s content and they will be unable to follow you. You can reverse it if you change your mind.

Manage your mute/Block lists:

Laptop: find the “More” on the left panel to open the dialog box to manage users that were previously muted/blocked.
Mobile: Tap the avatar (lower right corner) to open your menu options.

On the list, select the gabber’s name, click/tap ‘block’ or ‘mute’ to reverse or disable it. You may click/tap the gabber’s name tio view their profile.


If you enjoy a user’s content, but some topics may be undesirable, you can try Gab’s filter. It filters out posts that may contain the words you’ve added to your filter list.
It’s case and symbol specific, so you’ll need to add a neew word filter for different variations.

Settings>Filter>Keywords or phrase>Add: “Word I don’t want” or;
Even a web page link:

Delete your Gab Social Account

  1. Delete your gab social account by navigating to your profile 2. Settings/Account.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  3. Find delete account
  4. Click/tap the link to proceed, then enter your password and complete the confirmation to delete your account.

Note: This cannot be reversed. Your existing gab@name will become archived and cannot be used again.

Bring Your Social media Followers to Gab

Announce to your frioends on other sites that you’re now on Gab.

Hellow friends!
I’m moving my account to Gab!
Create a gab account to follow me here;

Several options or combinations to consider:

  1. Attach an image of your Gab profile banner to your post, so they recognize you. Consider matching your gab banner to match your other site’s banner, for recognition.
  2. Share the Gab link with your friends. Include the link with your @ name in a post over there.
  3. send your home page profile link: name). The link to your profile will take them directly to your gab page, which includes your own posts/reports.
  4. On the other site, change your bio/banner to include the link or image from your gab profile page (above).
Understanding Gab Technical Limits
Why have technical limits?

In order to maintain site reliability and to prevent spam, abuse and manipulation of follow relationships, there are technical limits regarding the rate and pace at which certain features and actions of the site are allowed. Rate limits alleviate some of the strain on the backend of Gab and reduce downtime and error pages.

What are Gab’s technical limits?

Gab does not limit the number of interactions or follows you can receive. There are, limitations to the pace at which all accounts can interact with other accounts and content. These limits include actions from all devices including web, mobile, PWA, APL, etc. If the limits are time-based, such as daily or hourly limits, these are calculated on a rolling basis; meaning it does not reset at the start of every day or start of every hour but, rather from the time at which the limits has initially occurred.

Follow limits:
  1. There is NO limit to the number of people that can follow you.
  2. There is NO limit to the pace at which you can receive follows.
Following Limits:

Gab has a maximum follow limit of 10,000 for non-GabPRO members.
If you are a GabPRO member there are unique follow/following ratios that go into effect once you are over 10,000. Once you reach that number, you may need to wait until your account has more followers before you are able to follow additional accounts.

If you see accounts that are not GabPRO members that follow over 10, 000 people, they may have done so before these limits were put into place or were previously GabPRO members.

There are some limits as to the pace of which you follow:
All accounts can follow at most 200 other accounts per day.
All accounts can follow a maximum of 20 other accounts per hour.
If the 200 maximum daily limit is reached, then you will have to wait before following more accounts.

If you are attempting to follow a private account on Gab, you are sending them a “follow request”.
Due to the nature of private accounts, Gab has amore strict limit on the limit and pace of follow requests.
The maximum outstanding follow request limit is 1, 000; meaning, your are only allowed to have 1,000 open follow requests at a time before either the receiver approves your request or you withdraw your request.
There are some limits as to the pace of which you can send follow requests to private accounts:
100 follow requests per day and a maximum of 20 follow requests per hour.

Following limit rules:

When an account is detected to be indiscriminate following or mass duplicating another account’s followers (particularly using automation), that account will be subject to review by our moderation team and may result in suspension of the account.

Indiscriminate following – when an account follows and/or unfollows a large number of random or brand new accounts in a short time period, particularly by automated or scripted means;

Note: this does NOT apply to accounts that are authentically building a following though interactions and are not automated.

Unfollow limits:

Creating your own Gab home feed starts with following accounts that you’re interested in. On Gab, follow relationships are not mutual; meaning, unless the follower and followee follow each other, only the follower will receive the followee’s gab posts. We’ve introduced unfollow limits in order to curb abuse by accounts that implement methods of follow-baiting and follow-chum.

Follow-baiting-when an account follows someone with the intention of unfollowing them as soon as they’ve followed them back;
Follow-churn-when an account follows and then unfollows a large numbers of accounts in an effort to infate one’s own follower count.

All accounts can unfollow at most 50 accounts per day.
All accounts can unfollow a maximum of 10 accounts per hour.
If the 50 maximum daily limits is reached, then you will have to wait before unfollowing more accounts.

Like Limits:

All “likes” on Gab are a private interaction between two people; meaning only you as someone who likes a gab and the creator of that gab know you’ve liked that gab. Gab does not monitor, review or restrict the type of content that accounts can like.

While there is NO limit to the number of likes your gabs can receive or the pace at which your gabs receive likes, there are rate limites surrounding the number of likes an account can give per period of time.

All accounts can like a maximum of 120 statuses per half-hour.
If the 120 maximum half-hour limit is reached, then you will have to wait before liking more statuses.

Un-like limits:

In order to reduce like-follow-baiting, paricularly through automated means, we have implemented limitations for unliking.
Like-follow-baiting-when an account likes a large number of gabs from a particular account with the intention of unliking them as soon as they\ve noticed the large amount of likes and followed them.

All accounts can un-like a maximum of 100 gabs per day.
All accounts can un-like a maximum of 20 gabs per hour.
If the 100 maximum daily limit is reached, then you will have to wait before un-liking more gabs.

Status posting limits:

All accounts can post at most 1500 gabs per day. this is further broken down into hourly, semi-hourly and minute-by-minute intervals. Reports and quote-posts are counted as gabs.
All accounts can post at maximum:
250 gabs per hour;
100 gabs per half-hour
10 gabs per minute.

Status mention limits

All account can mention at most 8 accounts per status.
if composing a comment with over 8 mentioned accounts it will link as normal and notify as expected.
If there are additional accounts over the maximum of 8 that are mentioned in a status, they will not be linked and the additional accounts will not receive notifications.

Chat message send limits:

All accounts can post at most 800 gabs per day. This is further broken down into hourly, semi-hourly and minute-by-minute intervals.
All accounts can post at maximum:
250 chats per hour;
100 chats per half-hour;
10 chats per minutes.

Chat conversation limits:

All accounts that have a confirmed email can start a chat conversation on gab.
gabPRO members can start chat conversations at a maximum rate of:
All accounts can start chat conversations at a maximum rate of:
200 per week;
40 per week;
10 chats per hour;
6 chats per minute.
3 chats per minute.
All non GabPRO accounts can start chat conversations at a maximum rate of:
100 per week;
25 per week;
10 chats per hour;
5 chats per half-hour;
2 chats per minutes.

How to know when a limit has been reached?

Once you’ve hit one of the limits aove, you will encounter a message that states something like:
“Follow failed, please try again later”
“Validation failed: Daily follow limit has been reached”
“You’ve triggered a rate limit by following too many people too quickly. Come back in an hour”.

Depending on the type of limit that has been reached and if they are time-based or not, you may be able to continue with the action after a period of time has elapsed.

Note: These limits are automatically detected and will NOT put any flag or ” shadowban” on your account.

Disclaimer: These limits are subject to change. In periods of high volume, heavy-usage or downtime these limits may be temporarily reduced. In such cases we will post an update on either our official Gav status site or make a gab on one of the official Gab accounts.

How to filter out words and phrases on Gab

Gab provides you with the option to filter words and phrases from your home timeline, chat messages, comment threads, notifications and all other public timelines. Given specific circumstances described below, certain content that you filter may be viewable with the click of a button or may be hidden from you completely.

For quick reference, go to where you’ll find your existing filters in a table.

Important notes about filtering:
  1. Filters are case-insensitive. Meaning no matter if there are uppercase or lowercase letters, a filter will still apply. For example: If you have filter of “Dogs”, that filter will apply to “Dogs”, “DOGS”, “dogd” and so on.
  2. Filtering a word also will filter out its hashtag. For example: if you have a filter of “dogs”, that filter will apply to “dogs” as well.
  3. Filters search for and match content of a status, its poll options, content warnings, media descriptions and rich content.
  4. Filters that have an expiration date will not automatically be deleted. This means that you will still be able to go to your filter settings page to view, reactivate/update or delete it completely.
How to Create or edit a filter
  1. Navigate to
  2. Click “Add new filter” at the bottom left of the page.

Fill in the fields:

  1. Keyword or phrase; This is the text that will be search for and matched in a status’s content.
  2. Expire after: (Optional) Apply the filter for a specified amount of time. default; Never expire
  3. Filter contexts: Select one or more of the contexts in which the filter will be applied.
  4. Home timeline: match content within your home feed
  5. Notifications: Match content within notifications
  6. Conversations: Match content within comment threads.
  7. Public timelines: Match content within groups, explore, feeds and all other public timelines
  8. Chat messages: Match content within chat messages and conversations
  9. Drop instead of hide: Filtered gabs will disappear irreversibly, even if filter is later removed.
  10. Whole word: When the keyword or phrase is alphanumeric only, it will only be applied if it matches the whole word.

Click “Add new filter” at the bottom of the page to create and save.

How to delete a filter
  1. Navigate to
  2. Find the filter you would like to delete within the table.
  3. Click “X Delete”

Understanding where filtered content is hidden or removed


  1. If you posted a status which contains a word or phraase that you filter then you will always see it.
  2. If you have the composer open with a status that you are commenting on or quote posting which contains a word or phrase that you filter then you will always see it.
  3. Filtered statuses are hidden but contain an option to view if;
  4. You are on the individual status page.
  5. You reposted it, regardless of which timeline or page you are on
  6. You quote it, regardless of which timeline or page you are on
  7. Filtered statuses are completely removed if:
  8. You are in your home timeline and it is not a status you reposted or quote posted.


  1. If you posted a comment which contains a word or phrase that you filter then you will always see it.
  2. Filtered comments will always be hidden but will contain an option to view.

Chat messages:

  1. If you sent a chat message which contains a wored or phrase that you filter then you will always see it.
  2. If the last sent chat message contains a word or phrase taht you filter and you did not send it then you will see a message in your chat conversation list on your main messages page that the last message is filtered.
  3. Filtered chat messages will always be hidden but will contain an option to view.
What happens when an account blocks you on Gab

Blocking is a tool that helps accounts restrict other accounts from interacting with them, viewing their profiles and following them. There is no page that contains a list of the accounts that block you. The only way to know if an account blocks you will be by visiting their profile. If you visit another account’s profile and they block you, you will see a message in their timeline that the page is “Unavailable”. You also won’t be able to follow or request to follow that person. On their profile, you will still be able to view their description/bio, profile photo, cover image, name and username. You are also able to report them by clicking on the three dot “…” menu and selecting “Report” if you feel as though they may be in violation of Gab’s Terms of Service.

If you were following that account before they had you blocked, you will have automatically unfollowed their account when they performed the block action against you. If that account eventually unblocks you, you will need to re-follow or re-request to follow that account again.

Understanding where content is hidden or removed when you are being blocked by an account.

  1. If you visit another account’s profile and they block you then you will not be able to view their statuses.
  2. If you repost or quote repost a status from an account and you are not blocked by them at the time and then they block you at a later date then you will see a message about the status being “unavailable”. The functionality exists where you will be able to un-repost or delete your quote post of the status if you wish to.
  3. If you visit an individual status page where the account has you blocked, you will still be able to view the thread but the original status and all comments made by the account that blocks you will be hidden being a message saying that they are “unavailable”.
  4. If you receive a notification from an account that blocks you then you will receive it.
  5. If none of the prior circumstances apply, then you will not see a status from an account that has you blocked.


  1. Posting
  2. you are able to post a comment underneath another comment where the original poster has you blocked as long as there are other comments in the thread.


  1. If you visit an individual status page to view comments and qa common in the thread is from an account that you are blocked by then you will be presented with a message about how the content is currently unavailable due to a block. Thus, the integrity of the conversation is maintained and you will still be able to expand and/or view comments underneath a thread where the original poster blocks you.

Chat messages

If you are in a chat message conversation with an account that has you blocked then you will not be able to view any of their messages. You will see that they sent messages but the messages will be hidden behind a block that says “unavailable“.

How to mute accounts on Gab

Muting is a feature that allows you to remove an account’s posts from your home timeline without unfollowing or blocking that account. You can mute an account by navigating to their profile and clicking the three dot “…” menu then clicking “mute account”. A “mute” icon will then be visible next to their display name or username showing that you have successfully muted them. Accounts that you mute will not know that they are muted and given specific circumstances described below, certain content from accounts that you mute may be viewable with the click of a botton or may be hidden from you completely. In order to unmute an account, simply do the same thing mentioned above but instead the button within the three dot “…” menu will display “unmute account”.

For quick reference, go to where you’ll find your existing mutes in a list.

Important notes about muting accounts

  1. you can follow muted accounts and they can follow you
  2. Accounts that you mute will still be able to send you chat messages.

Understanding where content is hidden or removed when you are muting an account


  1. If you repost or quote repost a status from ana ccount and you are muting then you will see a message that you are muting that account and be shown a button to view.
  2. If you are on your home timeline or viewing notifications then you will not see content from an account that you are muting.
  3. If you are on an accoynt’s profile that you are muting then you will be shown a message that you are muting that account with an option to view all of their statuses.
  4. If you are on an individual status page of an account that you are muting then you will be shown a message with an option to view that status.
  5. If you are on any other page other than the ones listed prior then you will be able to see the entire status from an account that you are muting.


If you are viewing comments underneath a status then you and a comment is from an account that you are muting then it will be hidden with an option to view

Chat messages

If you are in a chat message conversation with an account that you are muting then all of their messages will be hidden with an option to view.

Tips to Build Your Personal Social Network

Engage/Gab Pro Feed/Gab Followers -> Reach out is the best way

  1. Follow those whose content you enjoy and engage in dialog with them. A Gab PRO subscription will display your post into the Pro feed.
  2. Ask questions, post interesting content, be mindful of internet ‘etiquette’. Avoid using all capital letters in your posts, as that may send a signal that you’re raising your voice.
  3. let your presence be known to any Gab friends. Ask your friends to get a account and share your gab @ name with them. On Gab, you can follow your friend’s followers. navigate to a friend home page, click the ‘following/followers’ tab under their banner & find ones that you want to follow. It’s a good idea to look at the timeline/bio of the other gabber prior to following them.
  4. Create your profile page in such a way that other gabbers will know a bit about you. Have an interesting avatar, banner and bio on your profile page. gabbers may briefly review your page to see if there is a common interest. It let’s others know a bit about your intersts. Personal information isn’t suggested however.
  5. find a group that is in your interest area like gardening or books. most gabbers love to talk about their interests or hobbies.
  6. Check out the Introduce yourself group (in the search box) to find other new gabbers who may also need a friend.
  7. Some gabbers prefer to lock their account in their profiling settings. This is optional and will severally limit your engagement. Locking your account will only allow your followers to see your content and engage with you. Locking your account allows you to determine who may follow you, as well.
  8. If joining gab with an existing social media account on other platforms, put your gab name in your bio to let others know where to find you on gab.

Gab offers a mute/block feature for any content you choose not to see.

Create Gab account. Create Gab account. Create Gab account. Create Gab account. Create Gab account. Create Gab account. Create Gab account. Create Gab account. Create Gab account. Create Gab account. Create Gab account


Create Line Account on PC

Create LINE Account on PC. LINE is an instant messaging social network that is popular in Japan but also supports English and other languages. It has over 600 million users worldwide.

LINE can be used as an alternative for any free application like Skype, WhatsApp, etc. It imports all your phone contacts, so you don’t need to find friends who use LINE manually, but this is not the same case when you use LINE on PC.

More so, if you create a new LINE account on PC, you need to add the contacts manually. So, let’s create your LINE account with your Gmail account.

LINE Sign Up

  1. Download and Install Bluestacks:
    You must download Bluestacks and install it on your PC in the very first step. You can easily find it on its official website for download. It might be a bit time taking to download it on your PC depending on your internet speed.
  2. Installing Blustacks: Once the download is complete, you need to click on “Run” and follow the few steps to install it fully. As you know, this step will be completed in a few minutes. You can easily see the process on the pop-up screen.
  3. Launching and searching: In this step, you need to open the Bluestacks which you have already installed on your PC. You also need to sign in to the play store tp get access to the applications using your details. After logging in, you need to find the search tool on it to search LINE app. You just write ‘LINE’ on the search box, and it will be there.
  4. Downloading LINE: This step consists of installing the LINE app on your PC through Bluestacks. In the previous step, you found the LINE on the search tool, and now you need to download it. To complete this step, it will ask your Gmail logins for downloading the app from the store.
  5. Install LINE: Now you have to install LINE in this step to use it on your PC. After giving login details, it will download it and install it by itself after you click on Accept its Terms and Condition. Based on the size of the file and internet speed, it may be a bit time consuming, so be patient until it is installed by itself.
  6. Choose Country and Phone Number & verify.
  7. Setting up Email Account: Enter your email address and password for verification.
  8. Registering name: Enter you LINE Name.

Sign In Line Account with Email

  1. Open your LINE app after you clicked the continue. Enter same email address and password of the account.
  2. Whenever you logged in your app to notice an automatic sign out, tap on the Login button to Enter the email address and password other than the username and password.

Create Viber Account

Create Viber account. Viber is a social media messaging app. However, there are a lot of messaging applications but Viber is the best with its unique features.

Viber is a cross-platform, free instant messaging and voice over IP (VolP) application.

Create Gmail account here to give your Viber account a good security.

Viber Media designed in 2010. In addition to instant messaging, any Viber App users can exchange photos, video, and audio media messages by sending files to each other. However, one must Sign Up for Viber to use it.

The article provides information about VIBER SIGN UP process and the steps to Sign Up Viber App. Create Viber account, Sign Up and register for the Viber app to enjoy an all-new chatting experience. Stay in touch with your friends and family from anywhere in the world with an internet connection provided. Follow the article, get details about Viber and know how to sign up Viber app.

Create Viber Account

How to Sign Up for Viber

  1. Download the VIBER APP for your smart phone depending on your OS from respective Store.
  2. Open the app and select Continue.
  3. In the next screen, you will be asked to enter your phone number and the country you live in. Click on “Your Country” bar and choose from the drop-down list. Then enter your smartphone number without spaces, leading zeros or exit codes. Click on the Continue button.
  4. Verify the phone number you have provided is correct. Click Yes if it right, else Edit the number.
  5. You will receive an activation call that doesn’t have to be answered.
  6. If you don’t receive a call, wait for 60 seconds, and you will get an SMS along with your access code.
  7. If you don’t get a call or SMS, then choose to Resend or either Activate via the call option.
  8. Type the access code into the Viber Setup screen.
  9. Click on continue, and you can also make use of your Facebook details to set up your profile.

How to Create Viber in Desktop

Viber for Desktop is an excellent application that allows you to use Viber straight from your PC while syncing to Viber on your smartphone. Setting up is quick and easy. Just make sure that your smartphone has the latest version of the Viber app.

  1. Download and install Viber for Desktop. Choose from the available option based on your desktop version. Click on the get Viber button.
  2. An application will be saved on your desktop. Now run the installation file.
  3. Read and understand the License Agreement. Click accept and Install button.
Create Viber Account page

5. Viber will send a verification code to the phone number provided

Create Viber account verification page

6. Enter you Email address, password and retype the password and then click Done

Create Viber Account Registration page

7. Congratulations Viber account created

How can i download Viber

How can i download Viber?

The first step would be to download the Viber application from the official store of your mobile device for it if you use the Android operating system you can click HERE, otherwise if your operating system is Apple’s you can click HERE.

Each of these links corresponds to the official Google store first and Apple second, so when you click on one of the links you will be automatically redirected to one of the stores.

In this way we can guarantee that you will download the application quickly, safely and easily for your device, the download is done automatically as well as the installation, so you will not have to worry about any of these steps.

How can i register with Viber?

If you do not have the application in the previous step we leave to download options so you can get the version that corresponds to you according to the operating sysytem that you are using on your mobile device.

If you already have the application, the next step is to open it, in this case we will find the welcome screen of Viber where we present the privacy policies and terms of use, below is the continue button in which we will make a click.

On the next screen they will as us for a telephone number that will we will use to associate our Viber account, we will place the telephone number, press next and then the platform will send a confirmation code that we must place in order to continue.

If we are using the mobile device from which we have the SIM card entered the code will be automatically detected, if we have the sim card in a different mobile device we must place the code manually and in this way we can create a Viber account quickly and easily.

Viber Account Recovery

Viber offers the opportunity to make a backup or backup of the information you have stored with your account number, that backup is possible to recover it by logging in to a mobile device where you are going to use the same phone number you had previosly.

Backups are saved in the name of the phone number used at that time otherwise nobody else could have access to that backup, it is the only way Viber offers you to keep your information secure.

To restore the backup you just have to press the upper right button from the main Viber screen and look for the option to restore backup and in a short time you will have all your conversations and contacts back.

Viber main functions

Viber was the poineer of instant messaging to incorporate the option that allows you to delete messages received and sent permanently in case you sent a message in error or simply regret sending the message.

How can i hide a conversation in Viber?

Privacy is very important and Viber knows that they have included an option that allows you to hide or disappear a conversation so that only you know that it exists, this offers a much broader privacy for each.

Delete Viber Account

Keep in mind that simply removing the Viber app from your device is not thesame as deactivating your aaccount. But if you do delete the Viber app, the following will happen

  1. Your Viber address book gets removed from the servers after 45 days
  2. Your phone number, which is your Viber account number, will be decoupled from the service after one year of inactivity.

To instantly deactivate your Viber account, follow the steps outlined further below.

Deactivation of a Viber account can only take place within the application itself. If you have already uninstalled Viber and would like to deactivate your account, you will need to re-install Viber in order to do so.

Ensure that you have the latest version of Viber of iOS or Viber for Mac prior to deactivating your account.

What happens after I deactivate my Viber account?

This is what happens after you deactivate a Viber account on your device:

  1. All of your data is cleared on this device, including your call and message history, groups and downloaded stickers, both free and purchased.
  2. You will no longer appear as a Viber user to your Viber contacts
  3. All other accounts linked to your Viber account, like Twitter, Facebook and so forth, will be unlinked from the service.
  4. Any purchased Viber Out credit will remain on this account, but you can contact Viber support via email and request a credit transfer to a new Viber account.
  5. When you deactivate Viber on your primary device (the one on which you registered with the service), the app will be deactivated on all other devices.

IMPORTANT: Once your account is deactivated, there is no way to restore any of your user data. Viber does not store any of your message history and is unable to retrieve lost data. Re-registering to viber with the same mobile phone number will not restore the previous account history.

Having said that, it might be a good idea to create a backup of your Viber chats for safekeeping prior to deactivating your account.

How to back up your Viber Chats

In order to create a full backup of your chat history prior to deleting your Viber account, follow the steps outlined right below:

  1. Launch Viber on your iPhone
  2. Tap on More in the tab area alongside the bottom
  3. Select settings to access options
  4. Choose Calls and Messages
  5. Select Email message history

This will bring up the mail compose sheet. Type in your own email address in the TO: field and tap Send to send yourself the attached ZIP file containing Viber’s message history.

IMPORTANT: Your backed up history is provided for your convenience and cannot be restored onto this or another device. Messaging history backup is available on Android and iPhone only.

How to deactivate your Viber account on mobile
  1. Launch Viber on your iPhone
  2. Tap on More in the tab area alongside the bottom
  3. Select Settings to access options
  4. Choose privacy
  5. Select Deactivate Account

You will be warned that continuing with the deactivation process will clear all of your data on this device and deactivate Viber on all your other devices.

6. Tap Deactivate to proceed.

You can now delete the Viber app from this device.

How to deactivate your Viber account on desktop
  1. Launch Viber on your Mac, Windows or Linux PC.
  2. Choose preference in the Viber menu (Mac) or click the settings icon at the bottom left of the screen (Windows/Linux
  3. A new window will pop up. Choose the Account tab to continue
  4. Now select Deactivate Viber
  5. If you are sure that you would like to proceed, choose Deactivate

This will remove all of your data and deactivate Viber from your desktop only.

You can now drag the Viber app from your Mac’s Applications folder into the Trash. Viber will remain active on your primary device (your iPhone) so you’ll need to deactivate the app there, too.

How to reactivate your Viber account
  1. Download and launch Viber on your iPhone
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to re-register your mobile phone number with the service. This will reinstate the previous account on your new device.
    Your message and call history will not be restored.