Create VK Account

Create VK Account. If Facebook and Instagram are of the most famous and known social platforms online, VK is definitely their equal in terms of success and influence if we move to Europe; specifically Russia, Byelorussia and Ukraine.

We’ll be helping you now to create your VK account with a Gmail account.

Because of this, VK is frequently compared to Facebook and sometimes it is considered like a clone of it.

Nevertheless, VK has the advantage to offer more services such as broadcasting video like YouTube and VK Stories like Snapchat.

Create VK Account

How to Create VK Account

  1. Click VK Link to open the welcome page. Click Sign up down left
Create VK account sign up page

2. Fill out the signup form: You can create an account in one of two ways: Using your name and phone number or using your Facebook account. Fill out the form under by providing your first name and last name, Date of Birth and your gender.

Create VK account signup form

3. Enter your mobile phone number: Your phone number is required for account verification. Select your country code from the “country” section, type your phone number (without the country code) in the box, and then click Get code to receive the verification code via message.

  • Both Sign up methods require a valid phone number for verification purposes. There is no way around this. But if you live in US, check out How to Get a Voice Phone Number.
  • Your phone number will not be publicly displayed on VK.
  • As you enter your phone number and click “Next” You’ll get a call from a unique number. Enter the last four digits of this number.

4. Create a password: If you signed up with Facebook, you’ll be prompted to confirm your Facebook login to complete the account creation process. If you signed up using just your name and phone number, follow the on-screen instructions to create and confirm your new password. So choose a strong password to Create your VK account now.

create VK password

5. Account created successfully

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