Create 22Bet Account

Create 22Bet Account. Register on 22Bet Nigeria and gain means to the best betting site with the highest odds in Nigeria. There’re lots of betting markets that are really good in Nigeria, but not as good as 22Bet which gives you what you want and how you want it.

22bet is right up there in the top bracket of the best betting sites in Nigeria. This betting site ticks many boxes, including high odds, diverse markets and great features. If there is one view against 22Bet Nigeria, it is that the site appears a little bit old school. No one cares about appearance if you can get an amazing betting features on the site.

How to Register on 22Bet

You can register your 22Bet here in Nigeria. 22Bet is an international bookmaker, but they have a Nigerian site where players from this country can easily visit and do their registration.

However, you can register in two ways. You can either register using your mobile phone number or for the full registration option. Both process are quick and easy, just two minutes of your time. Regardless of the 22Bet registration method you choose, you will be able to open your account without troubles.

More so, 22Bet registration is free. All you have to do is to visit the site by clicking and follow the instructions, just as we’ll later do. Note: there is a registration bonus, and it’s very good. When you register on 22Bet and make a deposit, you will get a registration bonus worth 100% of your first deposit. your welcome bonus is the exact value of your first deposit.

22Bet is safe and secured. It is protected with top latest technologies around the world. Your details and transactions with the site are very safe and secured, if not Nigeria wouldn’t have granted them an operating license in Nigeria. They are licensed by the National lottery regulatory commission.

Sign Up 22Bet Account

22Bet sign up is legal provided you are up to 18 years of age, they are licensed by the national Lottery Regulatory commission, the highest regulatory body for online betting in Nigeria. Don’t let anyone deceive you that 22Bet is an illegality. They’re possibly trying to scare you away from betting! Let’s create your 22Bet account now

  1. Visit 22Bet account page (by phone registration)
Create 22Bet account

Enter your phone number, confirmation code (5 alphabet) that will be sent to your number. Click the small box to agree to 22Bet Terms and Condition and Privacy Policy Click “REGISTER

Create 22Bet account deposit

Make your first deposit and claim your 100% welcome bonus on 22Bet

22Bet account funding

Choose your most preferred method of funding your account and follow the process.

Full Registration on 22Bet

  1. Enter your valid Email address that you have unlimited access to because you will need to activate your account by clicking on a link 22Bet will send to the email you provided.
  2. Choose a password that you can easily remember but can’t be guessed by a third-party. the password must consist letters, numbers and symbols to be a strong password.
  3. 22Bet being a foreign bookmaker you need to confirm your currency, though while signing up on a Nigerian site will have his/her currency set at naira.
  4. Click register and go to your email to activate your account on the link sent to you by 22Bet. Your account is set!

Delete 22Bet Account

If you ever find yourself in need to close your account with 22bet, you realistically have two roads lying ahead of you. Like the title either one road long and the other is hard. Relatively speaking, of course. In reality, these two ways can be presented as:

  • Automatic block
  • Manual block

How to delete my 22bet account

Let’s begin with a simple fact that there is no “Close Account” option available anywhere on the website. You can’t cancel an account on a whim, as it is literally out of your hands. To go forward with such intent means to first come through the support service. That’s where you come to the proverbial fork in the road.

The Long Way

The first fork is a time-related automatical block that you get when your account isn’t used for three months. So you simply stop playing…and that’s it.

The advantage of this option is that it can be reversed with the passing of time. You can either change your mind at the course of these three months, or you can ask customer support to unsuspend your account if it was automatically blocked. You even preserve all the money you had there at the time of closure.

The Hard Way

The hard way is the final account closure, which is done by your request by support. You go to them, you provide your account number and then they delete your account… Except it doesn’t work this way.

Customer service (read our customer service review to learn more about them) is Very hesitant when you want to permanently close anything – to the point where they won’t even mention this option to you. Their stance on the “I want to deactivate my account” request is the one to go the long way. If it weren’t for the fact that permanent account closure is literally written down in their frequently asked questions, we wouldn’t even know about such possibility from our chats with support.

Well, we call it “the hard way” for reason.

There is, however, a path around it. When asked about the reason behind your account closure, you can tell them that you have a gambling addiction. This should close your account nice and swift because otherwise, it is actionable conduct. It means that you can file a cpomplaint with their regulator if they refuse to block your account due to addiction, and they likely will be fined.

Keep in mind, though, that accounts closed the hard way cannot be re-activated.

Conclusion – Create 22Bet Account

This policy of Unmentionable Blockin is curious. Lokely they don’t want to lose users that still might return later. Doesn’t look good in charts, metrics, statistics, and other things like that. Maybe there even is an incentive for support to keep clients as far away from blocking their accounts as possible. Still, this means that when they are done with you, they are really done.

And to think about it, the soft closure that is automatic block is not closure at all. It’s like they are aprting ways with you while still waiting for your call to hang out and remain friends. If the account isn’t used for months, it doesn’t even matter if and when it gets blocked (not to mention that this particular decision is easily reversible).

So, two ways lie ahead: a path of the least resistance or path of scorched ground. If you wish to proceed, choose wisely.

Create 22Bet Account. Create 22Bet Account.