Create Badoo Account

Create Badoo Account. Badoo is a social network that connects you with people you don’t know. Although most social networks allow you to “stay in touch and chat with your friends” Badoo wants you to meet new people, from your local area or from other countries.

Badoo is one of the world’s most widely used dating networks. It has over 360 million registered users.

Sign Up Badoo account

  1. Visit homepage
Create Badoo account
  • Enter your first name, birth date, where you live, and email address.
  • Enter your Date of birth.
  • Enter your location or city
  • Select your gender and the reason why you want to sign up.
  • Confirm your account and verify your Email address and Password.
  • Agree to Badoo’s Terms and Conditions of service and Privacy Policy by Clicking “Sign Up”.
  • Upload your Profile picture

Now you’re all set to start meeting people on Badoo! Those are the quick and concise instructions for how to sign up or Create Badoo Account. If you’d like some more help and information, read our detailed instructions below.

How to Recover account

  1. Features anyone under the legal age of 18
  2. If your face is hidden or faint.
  3. If your have watermarks, logos or heavy editing.
  4. Pornography

How to Contact Badoo

To recover a Badoo account you will need access to the registered email address that you used to create your Badoo account. If you no longer have access to the email address you won’t be able to send Badoo a message from that email account which is a crucial step that Badoo requires. It is not possible to recover a Badoo account without the email.

If you don’t have access to your email account, then contact them using the designated feedback/Contact Form.

whatever response you finally receive from Badoo concerning your deleted Badoo accounts is final. If they are not willing to reactivate, or restore your Badoo account, then you will need to create a new account, using a different email address.

Reactivate Badoo account

If your Badoo account has not been deleted and instead you yourself have previously deactivated it, you can reactivate it. to restore your account, click the link sent to your email within 30 days of deleting your profile.

If you wait longer than 30 days, then you cannot restore your profile as your personal information and account details will have been removed from the Badoo system.

If you try to register on Badoo with the same email address, you will need to delete your new profile and click on the link to restore your profile that the email was previously used for. if this is outside of the 30 days window, then you will need to create a new account, using a different email.

How to Permanently Delete a Badoo Account

If you’ve a Badoo account, you might wish to delete it. Maybe you’re ready to take a step back from the dating world. Or, you’ve found love of your life. If you’re in charge of someone else’s digital legacy, you might need to delete their account. No matter what your reasons are, deleting your Badoo account is very simple.

Login to your Badoo account
To begin the task of deleting your account, you’ll need to log in. This is where having a password manager comes in handy. For most people, remembering passwords is hard. This is especially true for dating sites since there are a lot of options out there. You may just decide to stop using them and forget what your login information is. It might have been years since you logged into your account.

If your password manager is finished, and still had no luck, you’ll have to restore your password. Do you remember the email is associated with your Badoo account? If so, it’s easy. Badoo will send you an email with details on how to reset your password.

If you don’t see the email check your spam folder. Sometimes diverse emails get delivered there.

If all these options fails, feel free to reach out and contact their Customer Care Team. If you run into snags at any point in the process, they suggest doing this. They can help you get your account.

Delete your Badoo Account

Login and click on your profile picture. On most social media sites,it’s called an avatar. On the Badoo page, your avatar is located in the upper left-hand corner.

Once you’ve clicked on it, select the top-right icon, which looks like a gear. This will lead you to Account Settings. At the bottom of the Account Settings page, you’ll see the Delete Account option.

Look out to their suggestions

like most social media sites, Badoo doesn’t want you to leave! They give lots of other suggestions for what you can do with your account instead of deleting it. Here are the options:

  • Get removed from Google searches: Maybe you don’t want anyone to be able to find you on a dating platform. If you’re trying to find a new job or you’re worried about people searching for you, this might be the right option.
  • Control who sees you: You might not want anyone to see your profile on Badoo. If that’s the case, you can change your settings so only people you initiate contact with can see your information.
  • Hide your contact: You might not be ready to delete your account. But if you’d like to make it invisible, you can also go that route. This is a good choice if you think you want to come back to Badoo later.
  • Clear your history: Sometimes, you just want a clean slate. If that’s the case, you can clear out your notifications, favorites, and more.
  • Turn off notifications: all notifications you get in a day are overwhelming. If you just want to cut down on them, you can turn off the notifications. Your account will still exist but you’ll have to log in to see if anyone has contacted you.
  • Sign out: Signing out is easy. And once you’re signed out you can create another account, let someone else sign in, or whatever you want to do.
  • Delete your account: If you’d like to move forward and delete your account, you can also do that.

Tell them why

Choose a reason from the given options. Why would you like your account deleted? Are you not finding anyone, or is it not the right platform ffor you? Pick an answer and click Continue.

To end the process, enter your password. This confirms that it’s you deleting your account. After you do this step, type the characters you see in the next box. that confirms you aren’t a robot but human.

Once you finish these steps, click Delete Your Account. Now you’re done. Your account is deleted.

How to Permanently Delete a Badoo Account for Someone who Died

If you’re managing someone else’s digital legacy, you might be in charge of deleting their accounts. However, it might seem tricky, part of essential post-loss checklist includes handling their accounts. Deleting their badoo account ensures it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Lookin at their Records

If your loved one started end-of-life planning, your job might be easy. You might be able to find their username and pasword easily. If that’s the case, follow the steps above to delete their account. Thanks to Badoo’s password recovery process, there’s another option. If you know the email they associated with the account and can log into that email, you’re in good track.

If any of those options couldn’t work, Badoo doesn’t have a policy of deleting someone else account. You need to contact their Customer Care Team and make necessary explanation of the situation.

How to Delete Badoo Account on Android

To delete your account on the app, walk through thesame steps listed above! Don’t delete the app. Deleting the app and deleting the account are two different things.

If you just delete tghe icon from your phone your account and all its information still exists. You have to completely delete your account before removing the app from your phone to fully close your profile.

What happens when you delete your Badoo Account?

With their reports, many Badoo users rethink their decisions. Because of that, your personal information is retained for thirty days. After the expiration of which Badoo can delete all your personal information at their discretion.

How do you reactivate Badoo account?

Once you delete your account, you’ll receive a confirmation email. In this email, you’ll receive a link that allows you to reactivate your account. The link is only good for thirty days, so you’ll need to make a decision within that window or risk having to create a new account.

Taking care of your Badoo Account

If you’re incharge of someone else’s digital footprint, it’s best to focus on sites that contain financial or personal information. If they had a Badoo account, particularly a paid one, it’s good to cover those bases first.