Create Betfair account

Create Betfair account: Betfair is one of the best gaming platforms in the world. It have over 20 million betters. Betfair sign up process has privilege. Not only that you get welcome bonus that is currently up for grabs, but it will also enhance your online betting experience through various services on offer.

Furthermore, the Betfair open an account process is uncomplicated, and you can finish it in 3 minutes. We will help you with the best steps you need to open your Betfair account.

Who can Register

Any one who desires to be a bookmaker can click on the registration button and become a member. More over, there’re quiet some factors to consider carefully. One of the primary rules that apply to become a new member is to be of a legal age “18+”. Also, entering valid information is of utmost importance because all members must go through the verification process that will allow them to withdraw their funds later.

Sign Up Betfair Account

  1. Visit
Create Betfair Account

Choose your gender, First & Last name, Date of birth, Country, Email address, password, father’s name, Choose currency and click ‘Create account‘. By doing that you agree to Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Verify your Betfair Account

Verifying your account is necessary to allow you benefit from everything this brand has to offer. Without a verified account, you won’t be able to withdraw your winnings. Verify your account directly from your players’s profile. This how you do it;

  1. Enter Betfair account
  2. Click on My Account
  3. Then, click on My Details button
  4. Next, select verification
  5. Lastly, upload a scanned photo of your documents.

The required documents are as follows:

  1. National ID;
  2. Passport;
  3. Driver’s License.

Betfair Welcome Bonus – Create Betfair account

Like other bookmakers, customers who successfully created and verified their accounts can make most of the Betfair welcome offer of Get Up to 100 pounds in free bets. As with all other promotional offers, this bonus comes with a set of essential terms and conditions.

So, if you wish to collect the bonus, here is a list of the important Betfair Welcome offer prerequisites.

  1. Only UK players above 18 are eligible to get the welcome bonus.
  2. The minimum qualifying deposit is 10 pounds.

Delete Betfair Account

To close your account, you can contact our Betfair customer service team (click or tap “Get in touch” at the bottom) citing on eof of the following options, and they will be happy to help you.

You can also use our ‘Take a Break‘ Safer Gambling service. To find out more about this click here.

How many Betfair Accounts Can I Have?

Some people are tempted to sign up for multiple Betfair accounts in order to use the welcome bonus multiple times. However, Betfair doesn’t allow accounts per user. They can control this easily as you need to verify your age with official documents, like your driving license, when you sign up.

Reasons To Delete Your Betfair Account

After you sign up for the welcome bonus and start playing and betting with Betfair, you may decide that Betfair isn’t for you. Or you may, like other people, decide that you want to stop gambling or limit your gambling and so want to delete your Betfair account.

Limiting Gambling

If limiting your gambling is the reason you choose to close your account, you might also want to consider a self-exclusion period first. This is a temporary self-imposed ban where you can suspend your account for a set of time.

During this time you will not be able to login, access your account, or withdraw and funds. But if you prefer to permanently delete your account, you can do so easily by email or telephone.

Closing Betfair Account

If you want to delete your Betfair account you need to contact the companies customer service team. You can do this by telephone call or email to customer support. Also, check out their FAQ section for more advice.


You can email to request that the company delete your Befair account. You should put in writing that you wish to complete an account closure and confirm your account information so that can verify who you are.

Here’s an example of the email you can send to Betfair to request taht they delete your account as well as all of the information associated with your email address.

I am writing as i wish to close my account eith Betfair. I would like the account associated with my email address ( and my name (Your Name) deleted, please.

Could you also confirm if there is anything to withdraw on my account before closing?

And please feel free to contact me if there is a problem or any reason why my Betfair account cannot be deleted.

Many thanks.

Phone – Create Betfair account

You can also contact Betfair to delete your account via telephone. You can do this by calling:

You should explain that you wish to close your account, confirm your details, and ask that Betfair check your balance before closing. It’s likely that you won’t be able to withdraw any winnings after your account has been deleted.