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Create FreeAndSingle account: FreeAndSingle is the most popular dating site in UK, there aim is simple. To help you find dates, romance, friendships and long-term relationships in a safe, fun and secure environment like other dating sites Badoo, OkCupid, eHarmony, EliteSingles, Zoosk and match. With a lot of members near you, you’re never far from your next date on FreeAndSingle. Join free today upload your profile and start free dating immediately.

The founders of the dating site a husband-and-wife who met online and were passionate about improving people’s online dating experience. FreeAndSingle founded on core values like: honesty, openness, great value for money, and lots of fun in a safe, secure environment, That’s what made FreeAndSingle special among other.

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  1. Visit http://freeandsingle. com
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Enter your Gender, first name, City/postcode, choose a date of birth, email address and password. Click continue and see matches. Note: By clicking “Continue” you agree to FreeAndSingle Terms of Usage and Privacy Policy.

FreeAndSingle is Safe, Secure & Fun!

  1. FreeAndSingle have an active database of members that is continuously changing. Its’ve seen tremendous success since it got launched because it gave members quality and valued services. More so, you’ll find members across UK and they are sure you make new friends easily.
  2. There is not scam, time wasters etc as they work actively to prevent it. There technology and customer Services team monitor all profiles that enter the site. This ensures they have the right kind of singles using the free dating site, and they keep scammers and fraudsters at a bay.
  3. They have good group between genders. The split between men and women on FreeAndSingle is 53% men, and 47% women. Here you have a good chance of finding a likeminded fellow than most free dating sights.

Enjoy your FreeAndSingle match and thanks me later. thanks! Create FreeAndSingle account.

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Terms of Service (Tos) reveal the site uses moderators or animateurs to control chats. Therefore, users will not have an authentic experience. These chats are often with bots, or moderators using copy/pasted text. There is also no option to actually date tyhe moderators or animateurs.

Email confirmation is necessary for registering with professional Free and Single. Because email is a common measure for preventing the creation of fraudulent profiles, your experience on the site will be more secure, and you will not have to worry about possibly interacting with fake accounts.

All photos and images that users upload to profiles are subject to a manual approval process (conducted by moderators and employees). This service is designed to filter out unauthorized photos (these can be photos of celebrities, animated characters, explicit content, or targeted advertising).

Terms and Conditions (TOS)

This dating site has its Terms accessible (you will find a link to them on the main page). We recommend that you read them before registering. Although the text can be lengthy, it is important to familiarize yourself with it.

Contact information – Create FreeAndSingle account

The professional FreeAndSingle dating site is operated by Venntro Media Group Ltd., which is registered in United Kingdom. If you would like to contact this company, you can use the following contact details:

  • Company Name: Venntro Media Group LTD;
  • Company Head Office: The Switch, 1-7 The Grove;
  • Postcode and city: SL11QP Slough;
  • Country: United Kingdom;
  • Contact;
Membership Cancellation – How to cancel a paid account at

Cancellation can be done online. If you have decided to purchase a paid membership, it is worth knowing how to cancel it. Because payments are automatically deducted from your account and your membership is renewed after the paid period, resolve the cancellation as soon as you decide you no longer need it.

Canceling Your Account – How do I delete my account on

You can cancel your profile on professional Free and Single for free. This can be done online. Or, if you wish, you can contact user support, which will advise you on how to delete your account. Professional Free and Single requires paid membership, so you may have to cancel any subscriptions or paid features when you deactivate or delete your account. Users have the ability to unsubscribe from mailing lists and other notifications. This ensures they will not receive any more news from Professional Free and Single.


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Create eHarmony Account: Do not let eHarmony pass you by if you are searching to join the best online dating site available. They are the best online trusted dating community to find a long-term relationship match, and they have the best compatibility selection quiz to help you find the perfect lover just for you.

We’ve prepared a special guideline on everything you need to know before signing up for a new eHarmony account. It’s very easy and quick – but you will spend a little time on things like building your profile bio like Match dating site, taking some great photos that catch your match’s eye, and also take the compatibility selection test seriously so that it accurately matches you with the best possible lover.

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eHarmony Sign Up for free – Create eHarmony Account

eHarmony’s sign-up process is quick and easy, even for a paying subscription sign-up. The first thing you will want to do is navigate in a browser window and type in Click to sign up for a new account, and then a new window will appear, asking for your name (or a nickname is fine), for an email address, and to create a password just for use on eHarmony, not the same as your email password. Click submit to move on to the next step on each page.

The next window will take you to eHarmony subscription choice page. Choose whichever deal you’d like – the plans are reasonably priced with many exclusive features (like Video date!), so you’re mainly choosing between the 6, 12, or 18 month length of plan and how much discount you get for the longer-termed plans.

eHarmony will then request your payment information. They accept all major credit cards and Paypal for subscription payments. eHarmony will even break down your payments into two or three lump sum payments, which many dating sites will not do.

Be Open About Yourself and Dating Goals

Before you jump into anything else (even before scrolling for mataches!), eHarmony will send you straight into their unique compatiability Quiz to learn more about you – your goals in life and in a relationship; what your characterics are, and what kind of partner characteristics you might be looking for. So be really honest with the Quiz, so that it does the best job possible in matching you with a potential mate.

The eHarmony compatibility quiz may seem a little long-but trust them, it’s worth it! The answers you give will help filter the millions of singles available on the site so that the people you are matched with, really are compatible with you, your lifestyle, and your future relationship goals.

Delete eHarmony Account

To delete your account, you’ll have to “close” your account first. From there, you can delete all of your information by contacting eHarmony directly via phone or email.

How to delete eHarmony account

  1. Closing your Account.
  • Login to using your username and password. If you can’t remember your login details, you can click the “Forgot password” link and eHarmony will send you an email to reset your password.
  • Click on your profile at the top of your screen. Go to the top of the screen and click on your profile in the navigation bar. This should bring down a drop-down list with links that say “My Profile“, “My Matches“, and “Account Settings“.
  • Click the “Account Settingslink. Navigate your cursor over “Account Settings” and click it to go to your general account settings page.
  • Click on the “Billing” button. The right most icon will say “Billing“. Click on the icon to be brought to the billing page, where all of your personal billing information is located.
  • Click the “Close Account” button at the bottom of the screen. There will be a blue hyperlink that reads “Close Account” on the button right-hand side of the screen. Scroll all the way down and click the link.
  • Click the “Yes, close my Account” link. after you hit the close your account button, a new window will pop up on your screen warning you that you’ll lose your matches. Click the link that says “Yes, close my account” under the button that says “Never mind keep my matches.”
  • Your profile will become unsearchable and you’ll stop receiving matches once you close your account.
  • Look for a confirmation email. Your account must be closed first before you can request that eHarmony deletes all your information. Closing your account will make your profile unsearchable, but you’ll be able to retrieve your profile information if you decide to use the site again in the future.
Deleting Your Account Information
  1. Make sure that you want to delete all your information. If you decide that you want to use eHarmony again but have deleted your account, you’ll have to reupload all pictures, rewrite the content in your profile, and retake the questionnaire on the site. If you plan on using your profile in the future, you should just cancel your account rather than deleting.
  2. Send an email to Your subject line should read “Delete My Account Information“. Inside of the body of the text, explain that you want your information to be completely deleted from the website. Wait for a response from eHarmony. Your information should be removed from the site within ten days.
  3. Give eHarmony a call to delete your information. If you’ve been unable to contact eHarmony through email, you can give them a call. Call 1+885-290-5575 and tell the customer service representative that you want to delete your account.
  • You can say something like, ” I enjoyed eHarmony while it lasted, but i don’t want my personal information on the site anymore. Can you please delete it and send me a confirmation email when it’s deleted?

Create Match account

So you’ve decided to give Match a shot. that’s Good! match is one of the most popular online dating sites. When you Sign up for Match, they will walk you through the process of creating your own profile, so you can let people know a little bit about what you look like, who you are, and what you’re looking for in a date or partner. this will help other people know that if you come up in one of their searches, they’ll know that you’re someone they might be interested in!

Match is a star in the dating industry, so it deserves a place at the top of dating site lists. Not only that it is the longest-running dating site, it was founded in 1995.

However it’s the most successful, having connected people in more relationships than any other 21st century dating site. Even though it’s been around for a long time, match continues to innovate and expand to this day. In fact, in 2017 the dating site’s companion app launched a location-based feature called Missed Connections to introduce singles who cross paths in the world.

Sign Up Match account

  1. Go to and click “Sign in here” you will be taken to a new page
Create Match account

2. Fill in the information: Tell them what you are interested in. Between which age and then enter your zip cod.

Create Match account meet page

3. Enter your birthday in the space provided below.

Enter date of birth on match site

4. Enter your name, you can choose to use letters, hyphens & apostrophes

5. Enter your Email address. N/B by clicking “That’s the one” you agree to Match Terms and Conditions of Service. Also how they process your data in their Privacy Policy and Cookie policy. Just enter your email address and finish up, they don’t need Nigerian email.

Create Match account email

5. Match will now start asking you questions about the type of people that you would like to be matched with, including their: hair color, eye color, body type, height, and weight.

  • Education and languages
  • Ethnicity and religious beliefs
  • Status regarding relationships and children
  • Salary and alcohol/smoking habit

Delete Match Account

Tinder, Bumble, Coffee Meets Bagel – there are too many dating sites to count. And each one is a little different. Depending on your personality, you might prefer one site over another. Speed dating? Looking for a deep connection? Thre’s a dating site for you.

To maximize their chances of success, most people have accounts on many sites. If that’s you, it might be hard to keep track of them all. But when you’re ready to delete your account on’s pretty straightforward.

Note: If you are closing a loved one’s account after they’ve passed away, you might be facing other unfamiliar tasks, too.

How to delete match account

A account is a social account, but it has a very personal aspect. Depending on what you share, it could be a security risk. Did you give the name of your hometown? What about your favourite color? Or the name of your first pet? This might be “too much information” for a dating profile. But many people add those things. and those are commonplace security questions for a bank account.

That’s why it’s recommended you close your account if you aren’t using it. Whether you’ve found the love of your life, or you’re ready to try another form of dating, closing your account might be the right step. It will increase your security and give you peace of mind.

Here’s how to delete your account:

  • Login to your computer.
  • Remove your account.
  • Leave a testimonial

Log in on your computer

Most sites don’t allow you to delete an account from your phone for security reasons. It can be hard to verify who is using the account on a phone. If your phone gets lost or stolen and you don’t have strong protections, it might be easy to log into. Since apps don’t need authentication each time, anyone who had your phone could access your account.

Logging in might be more difficult than it needs to be, though. What if you’ve forgotten the password for that account? We all know that having the same password for each account isn’t safe. And if you don’t log in to your Match account often, it might be hard to remember what password you chose.

Start by clicking your password manager. You might store password on paper in a fireproof box. Or, you could let your password browser do the work for you. Other people have password manger programs, specifically organized to reduce frustration. No matter how you’ve stored them, check there before submitting a request to reset your password.

Remove your account

Once you’ve logged into your profile, hover over your avatar. If you iploaded a picture of yourself to the account, that’s your avatar. If not, it’s likely composed of your initials or screen name.

Hover over this avatar, located on the top right of any Match/com page. Then, click “My Account Settings“. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and you’ll see a link that reads “To suspend or delete your account, click here”.

At this point, you’ll need to choose whether to suspend or delete your account. Suspending your account will hide it. If you’re not sure whether you want to commit to deleting your account, that’s a good option. But if you’re sure you want to delete it, click the link that says “To delete your account and permanently remove your profile from the site, click here“.

Leave a testimonial

Before you delete your account, will try to gather some feedback about your experience with their services. They’ll ask you questions like: Why are you deleting your account? Or what was your experience with the site like?

Of course, they’d like you to keep an active account. But the next best thing is a glowing review. If you’re deleting your account because you met the partner of your dreams, then they want to hear about it.

The decision is yours. Do you want to leave a review before you delete your account? If you don’t, there’s no shame in it. You can delete your account without responding to these questions.

How to Delete a Account for a Deceased Person?

Managing someone’s digital afterlife includes deleting their accounts. And if you’re the one doing so, there are ways to make it easier. Having their account secure and private is part of the post-loss checklist, and it might give you much-needed peace of mind. However, there are a few things to know during this process.

Why can’t I change their account?

When you go to delete your loved one’s account, it might feel easier to make some changes. You could edit it, letting other users know this person is deceased. But that’s not possible. Especially if you haven’t informed the company of their death.

Remember the Terms and Conditions you agree to before creating a new account? Terms and Conditions state “this account is non-transferrable and all of your rights to your profile or contents within your account terminate upon your death”. These conditions will make it easier to delete the account once your loved one has password away.

Try to login

For sure, login is the easiest thing you can do. If you can get into your loved one’s account, delete it that way. You can follow the same steps as if you were deleting your account.

Notify the Company

You might need to have some important documents on hand. They will help when it comes to proving your relationship with the deceased. will automatically delete the account once they’re aware of the account holder’s death. This happens due to the clause mentioned above. But they will likely need to verify the information you’re providing them. having a certificate of death and your driver’s license ready to submit to their support team are a good idea. Account Deletion: FAQs

You might not want to delete your entire account. If you just want to clean up your digital legacy a bit, that is easily done.

How do I delete my account on Mobile?

You can’t delete your account on mobile. This option presents a security risk, so is not available. Like many other companies, doesn’t allow it.

How do I delete my app on my phone?

Deleting apps varies by phone, but you should be able to follow a typical operating procedure. For most phones, you’ll be able to press down on the app.

Once you’ve selected it on your home page, drag it to the trash can at the top of the screen. or select the “X” that appears in the corner of the app. You’ll be asked to confirm whether you want to delete it.

How do I deactivate my account?

Follow the steps above for deleting your account. But when you come to the final part of the process, don’t click “To delete your account and permanently remove your profile from the site, click here“. Instead, choose the suspend option. This will deactivate your account.

Taking Care of Your Account

Managing digital assets after death is a lengthy process. In this day and age, everyone has so many accounts and apps. How can you ever keep track of them all? If your loved one started end-of-life planning before they passed away, the process will be easy.

You can simply follow their plan, and create a checklist to mange their accounts. That will help make the process smoother for you. and if you do the same, your loved ones will be able to easily manage your accounts too.