Create Tumblr Account

Create Tumblr Account. Tumblr is a unique online experience, mixing social networking and blogging in a single website. With it’s east-to-use platform and huge variety of posts that can be made, anyone can use and enjoy Tumblr!

If you are a social in charge of social media for an artist and you need to create a Tumblr.

Create Tumblr Account using an email address is a requirement because of its unique security feature; so create your Gmail account here now

Sign up Tumblr Account

  1. Visit Tumblr’s homepage.
Create Tumblr Account
  • Enter your email address: Use a legitimate email address.
  • Choose a password: Enter a strong password that you can remember easily. It must consist numbers and symbols and must be at least 10 digits.
  • Blog Name: Choose a blog name
  • Click Sign up: By clicking sign up you agree to Tumblr’s Terms of Service
Create Tumblr Account date of birth

2. Choose what interests you and click “Next” top right corner

Create Tumblr account

3. Go to your email and click “verify


Tumblr account created

How to Make a Tumblr Post

Now it’s time for the good stuff. Strap yourself in, you’re going to make your first post on Tumblr.

To begin, navigate back to the dashboard. At the top there’s a pane that lists all the different content types: text, photo, quote, link, chat, audio, and video. Click the one you want.

Whichever you choose, you’ll be given contextualized fields. For example, select video and you can either upload your own or link one from somewhere like YouTube. Or click quote and you can enter the fabled words and attribute a source.

A the bottom of every post you can add tags. Start typing in this area and it’ll offer up those commonly used. These help people find your post and therefore may increase your blog followers, so think about what people might be searching for if that matters to you.

When ready, click post. It’ll go live immediately and you’ll see it appear on the dashboard. If you made an error, click the cog icon and click either edit or delete.