Create Melbet Account

Create Melbet Account: In this Melbet registration guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about betting at Melbet. This popular bookmaker features a long list of sports markets you can bet on, including football, motor sports, boxing, tennis and basketball, among others.

If this your first time with the bookie, we’ll show you how to register with ease and bet at Melbet with ease too.

Melbet Registration 4 Easy Steps

The registration process at Melbet is very easy and fast. Even new punters will be able to register in just a few minutes after filling out the form. There are a few specific steps you need to complete but don’t let that scare you. In any case, if you’re having trouble with signing up, you can talk to the customer support team for help.

The sign-up form requires you to enter your country, region and city, in addition to all the personal data. Still, it’s pretty simple to finish it up, especially if you read our Melbet register guide. Below is a step-by-step guide that can help you register at Melbet and start betting on all great odds.

  1. Visit Melbet at
  2. Follow the instructions on the first page, you have to enter your country, region, and city.
Create Melbet Account

3. Enter all your personal details the site asks for

4. Click on submit and wait for the verification email. Click the Melbet link to confirm your new profile and get to betting right away.

Melbet Sign up requirements

The sign-up requirements with this bookie are a bit more specific than what others look out for. In this context, we’re mainly referring to the region requirements that also ask you to state your city.

Once this is out of the way, you should enter your name and username and choose the currency you want to bet with. The betting site will also ask you to enter your email and set a password in addition to entering your phone number. If you have a Melbet promo code, you’re welcome to use it in the specified field.

Melbet Login – Create Melbet Account

Once your new account is created, you can easily use your new credentials to login. Melbet’s login page is pretty simple. Once you enter your email/username and password in the correct format, you’ll enter the site in a jiffy. The green Login button is right to the Register button.
Here’s a detailed step-by-step preview:

  1. Click on the Login button at the top right corner or
  2. Enter your email or username you created on registration
  3. Enter your password and make sure that you’re not missing out on special characters or upper/lowercase letters.
  4. Click on the login button to complete the process and start betting on your favorite sports.
Melbet Account login page

Melbet Sign up Bonus

New punters at Melbet can get their hands on a lucrative 100% first deposit welcome bonus of an equivalent of 200 Euros. The first deposit bonus is available after you join Melbet and make a deposit of atleast an euro worth. Melbet will match any amount by up to 200 Eur, making an appealing welcome offer for all types of punters.

The bonus must be wagered 12 times on accumulators (minimum of 3 events) before you can withdraw any winnings.

How to verify your Melbet account?

Just like other bookies, Melbet conducts an account verification process for new punters. This is done to minimize the risk of fraud and to allow punters to gamble safely. The process is one-time only and completed in around 24 hours.

In order to verify your profile, you will need to send copies of some documents, including a national ID, Passport, utility bill, and maybe a photo ID of yourself.

  1. Send a copy of your ID, Passport, or drivers license to Melbet to confirm your are who you claimed you are.
  2. Send a copy of your utility bills to confirm your address.
  3. A card or bank statement will verify your details and that you’re not using anyone’s bank account.
  4. The bookie may also request punters to send a selfie with a valid document

You can use the Melbet iOS app on your iPhone to quickly register at
Melbet as well. The dedicated app also allows you to claim the bonuses and bet on all sports on the site. And you don’t have to worry about the app being clunky as it’s well-optimized for all screen sizes. Be sure to turn on the notifications if you want to get the updates on your bets right away.

If you need help while creating a Melbet account?

If you require help with the registration or verification process, you’re welcome to get in touch with the customer support team. The agents will walk you through the process or assist you in cases of technical problems.

There are several e-mail addresses, including one for general queries, public relations, the security department, etc. You can either use the live chat, which is always online, to ask your questions or get in touch over the phone. Writing an email is possible via an available form, with Melbet stating that all queries are answered within 24 hours.

Possible Problems with Melbet Registration

While the process of signing up at Melbet is smooth as butter, some punters may face certain problems. These might be of a technical nature or otherwise. Regardless of the issue, we have listed the top 3 possible Melbet registration issues and their fixes below.

The registration page is unavailable

Considering you’re not accessing the website from a prohibited country, this might be a technical issue. If the rest of the site works, we suggest talking to the customer service team. They might provide a Melbet alternative link for registration that will allow you to complete your account and login.

Can’t access the 2nd step of the registration

Melbet requires all new punters to pinpoint their country, region, and city. These steps are required and, without completing them, you won’t be able to move on to the next step of the sign-up form.

Melbet Promo code is not accepted

Are you sure you’re using the right promo code? If it’s not accepted, it might have already expired or you haven’t copied it properly.


The process of registration at Melbet is very simple, although there are a few extra steps to complete before you’re a new member. Still, with our registration guide, you can sign up in just a few minutes and enjoy everything the bookie has to offer.

With great and live betting odds and live streaming on certain events, Melbet surely has plenty in the bag for new and seasoned punters.

Delete Melbet Account

Melbet is a popular online betting that lets its users bet on a variety of sports games and even build your own bet. The website offers the ability to create or edit account information, deposit or withdraw funds, browse the online betting list, get real-time details or game information and bet on any game of your choice or even build your own game.

Recently, we have received requests from many online users who wish to delete their account. Various reasons for account deletion are mentioned on such requests, but we are currently sharing the main reasons menetioned by users in such requests.

The first reason why users deleted their account was the funds deposited by them were blocked or confiscated by the company for no reason, which is why users were furious on the website and deleted their account.

The second reason why users deleted their accounts was the advertisements shown to them by the company. The users reported that they viewing Russian ads in the video which is really frustrating for them because they are international users and the Russian ads are not understandable by them.

If you are only deleting your account for their newsletter or email you can mark the mail as spam by clicking the spam button at the top of the mail button or unsubscribe by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the mail. If your reasons are different, I will guide you step by step on how to get rid of your account from the Melbet database.

How to delete your Melbet account

Currently there are two ways to delete your account from Melbet which is provided below:

Delete your account via Live Chat
  • Go to the following URL “
  • At the bottom right of the page click the LIVE CHAT button
  • It takes some time for the chat window to load and once it opens
  • It will connect you with the customer support agent.
  • Tell that agent that you would like to delete your account and tell them your honest to goodness to do so.
Delete your account by sending e-mail
  • Open your registered e-mail account with the account
  • Now compose an email and enter your email address
  • Now write an e-mail regarding the deletion of your account sample here and click the Send button.